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Default Additional functionality for ground/naval units...

An escort or at least a follow function. An example would be whats happening in real life now, frigates escorting tankers through the Straits of Hormuz.
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+1 I can think of scores of improvements to both of these in DCS and I'm even willing to pay for some of them.
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ED has been too much focusing on simulation side of its products, which isn't necessarily a bad thing itself. However, the content creation has been given much less attention in comparison.
I hope ED's strategy is not leaving that almost entirely to its partners and community, 'cause content creation needs the support from the game platform in terms of features, logic, or even architectural support, which in turn requires more of a holistic approach. The current Mission Editor isn't too bad tbh. However, only a Mission Editor is not adequate, and rely on feedback from partners or community to push its iteration of improvement is just way too inefficient.

Feature like this is a good example, when being considered isolatedly, its value probably seems insignificant. But one must realise it is the collection of such "insignificant" feature that might turn into a good content creation engine to push our beloved DCS to a higher level.

A great simulation is what attracts people, a rich and ever changing content is what keeps people around.

Just my 2 cents.
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