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My windows updated recently,

I was left without internet as my onboard network would not work, tried new drivers, old drivers nothing worked.
Installed PCI network card, onboard network started working again, really strange.

But since then no issues.
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I did this, found it exactly as described. I finally snapped after Windows update for some reason broke all my DCS keybindings via resetting device IDs or something. Right about the time I made that thread about device bindings, in fact @@
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Sadly, this only postpones the problems. Eventually we have to bite the bitter fruit.
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I learned my lesson and clone my C drive (M.2 NVMe 1 TB) and D drive 1 TB SSD to two HD's after updates once things stabilized. The trouble with Microsoft is a fix can take a month or more as we found in the 1903 mishap.
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