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Default F-15C BFM & ACM Training

F-15C BFM & ACM Training

The F-15C BFM & ACM Training exercises place you in the cockpit of the F-15C as a novice pilot during combat training in the Nevada Test and Training Ranges.

This is the ultimate way to practice BFM and ACM whilst keeping the scenario as realistic as possible and highly replayable.

Based on real world combat flight training, these missions will allow you to practice air combat using simulated weapons systems in a controlled environment, and will test your ability to identify and engage the enemy in close-quarter dogfights in a number of different setup scenarios.

With your own friendly team mates and instructors assuming the role of the enemy, you get to experience simulated combat as close to the real thing as possible. You choose when and how to start each engagement - repeat as many times as you like in a single exercise, thanks to the use of complex trigger actions.


Detailed briefing documentation
Custom voice-overs
Many complex triggers, allowing repeatable engagements within each mission
Learn and practice specific maneuvers, detailed within custom mission briefings

F-15C BFM & ACM Training Collection - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2167735/

F-15C BFM & ACM Training - #1 Art of the Dogfight - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2167742/

F-15C BFM & ACM Training - #2 Lead Turn Ex - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2167745/

F-15C BFM & ACM Training - #3 Tally / Visual - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...es/2167750/
Check out my F15C BFM & ACM Training Missions:


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Default My Missions.

Здравствуйте друзья!!! Буду рад если вы посмотрите мои миссии. Они не соответствуют критериям конкурса, но могут понравится игрокам. Есть 3 миссии 1- Офлайн Война в Югославии -1999." 2- таже миссия онлайн вариант. И 3 Глобальная война как турнир противостояние Россия - Нато. Миссии максимально реалистичны в тактическом и историческом аспекте.. Всем Спасибо!!!
Hello, friends!!! I will be glad if you check out my mission. They do not meet the competition criteria, but are like players. There are 3 mission 1 Offline The war in Yugoslavia -1999 "2- exact same online mission options and 3 global war as a confrontation between Russia tournament -... NATO's mission in the most realistic tactical and historical aspect .. Thank you all !!!



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Name:	usa_vs_russia.jpg
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Name:	Россия-НАТО-777.jpg
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Name:	4444-к.с.jpg
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I have a question, how many missions can one submit?

There is nothing more beautiful than a little Sabre Dance
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The bandits-terrorists want to plunge us into chaos, trying to undermine something again. They use hitherto unknown malicious code (let's call it, say, a HUM).
Frankly, we can not be quite sure about who is responsible for current events, whether there are some persons or it is autonomous actions of that HUM.
So, that exactly are known:
  • several suspicious land vehicles are moving towards main AFBs, it is assumed that these vehicles are full of explosives;
  • the vehicles can act autonomously, but nevertheless some directions are required and received from external Source;
  • we need to study those vehicles to find the Source, so you have to stick at a fairly close distance during prosecution to stop them gently;
  • we need to study their systems rather than a pile of charred metal, so you have to use heavy arms only in cases of extreme necessity;
  • the more material we will have for studying, the more accurately we will be able to determine the source location;
  • we almost completely have lost control over some of our long-range SAM systems and we suppose that the Code uses them to send control signals;
  • we can't detect radiation of the Tracking Radar by which we could determine location of the lost SAM system,
  • therefore with high probability, the system operates in silent mode, and will become active when a hostile unit will get into wake-up zone;
  • in addition, we have no direct orders to destroy the Source.

Main goals:

Basic procedure:
  • Use F10 radio menu for information about active frequencies and permission request for HEAVY ARMS.

Primary requirements for pilots:
  • Low flights among potential hazards of various obstacles;
  • Good skills of speed and attitude control;

The mission 'HUM IN DESERT' is the updated version of the 'Huey chase'. The chase remains the main part of this mission. But now several suspect vehicles may appear at once and their total number will increase with time. Action takes place in one of three locations. You set location by choosing the appropriate slot during the mission start. If desired, you can add your own locations (I will try to add description how to do that). There are several parameters by means of which you can tune behaviour and difficulty of the game (see attachment).

FM homing is the primary means for early detection of suspicious land vehicles. Almost entire operating frequency range of the AN/ARC-131 FM radio se t can be used (920 channels spaced 50 kHz apart within a frequency range of 30.00 to 75.95 MHz). You don't need to change this range if you use the UH-1H module. There are no other particular relations except the frequency range with UH-1H module in this updated version. So, you can easily replace Huey units by which you want in the Mission Editor and it should not affect work of the mission script.

Download link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2399072/

Please leave bugs reports, comments and suggestions in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=181163
Your feedback are very welcomed! Good Luck!
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NAVEX Nevada
Blue COOP: F-15C, M-2000C
F10 All, Labels Optional, 1430 23OCT11, 3 Hour Timeout

NAVEX Nevada 20N2a.miz is submitted. The mission offers a nice navigational exercise flight over central Nevada - with the capability for you to trigger enemy fighters. Designed for single player with a wingman, you navigate the waypoints and explore the range for your entertainment. You have the option to take on pairs of enemy fighters that you choose to engage. Lots of AI planes are in the mission -- don't shoot the civilian aircraft!


The mission is designed for a single player; choose an F-15C or M-2000C. Up to four players for each aircraft can fly in multiplayer mode. Enjoy!

And from the mission designers point of view, NAVEX Nevada uses the WC's Flags scheme for group and unit names and event flags. The mission uses regular event tools from the editor with some scripting. The 5-digit flags are tied to platforms or zones; you can read a flag and know what it represents. Please, take a few minutes to look at the mission structure in the editor. And feel free to edit and host it.

All skill levels are invited to try this mission. Fly under the bridge, of course
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Name:	Screen_170215_192927.jpg
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Visit the Hollo Pointe DCS World server -- an open server with a variety of COOP & H2H missions including Combined Arms. All released missions are available for free download, modification and public hosting, from my Wrecking Crew Projects site.

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Миссия Зона 51 НЛО включает в себя полет на Ми-8МТ с необычным сюжетом, в которой придется использовать навигацию по АРК-УД, перевоз грузов в труднодоступные места и работы с вооружением. Некоторые события нужно выполнить на время, чтобы решить поставленную задачу!

30 минут до падения НЛО. Вы военный пилот вертолета Ми-8, позывной 220-й. Командование переводит вас в зону 51. До переброски, поручило вам помочь энергетикам на плотине Гувера. Вы должны доставить груз, в трудно доступную область. Все последующие действия, которые произойдут после доставки груза, совершенно СЕКРЕТНЫ.
Mission Zone 51 UFO, including a Mi-8MT, an unusual scene in which an ARC-UD navigation will have to be used, transportationing cargo to difficult places and working with armaments. Some events must be performed on time to complete the task!

30 minutes to the fall of UFOs. You're a military pilot of an MI-8 helicopter, a call sign 220th. The command translates you into Zone 51. Before the cross-dock, instructed you to help the energy at the Hoover Dam. You have to deliver the goods, to a difficult area. All subsequent actions that will occur after the delivery of the goods are completely secret.

I'm sorry for my English.
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Default Through The Inferno for DCS 2.0

Through The Inferno: A thrilling endless 'open-world' combat sandbox mission. Using the in-game mission editor, this scenario is randomized, dynamic and endless that lets you choose your own aircraft, tasks and much more!

New features, fixes and modules were updated in the latest file v1211

(This contest version of "Through The Inferno" is for SINGLE PLAYER ONLY)


So it works like this:
  1. Choose your aircraft
  2. Choose your type of task (Air to Air, Air to Ground, Multi-role, Recon, Supply Run, Escort)
  3. Do your task. Blow stuff up. Shoot at things.
  4. When task is complete, you can RTB choose to do the same task again without RTB if you have enough munitions/fuel/stores.
  5. RTB to get another task.
  6. Go out there and get some again!
  • Wide variety of aircraft to choose from
  • "Never the same experience" for every type of mission
  • Do things on your own time. Want to fly around a bit before you start? Sure, accept and start missions on your command.
  • Several types of missions to choose from
  • Randomized and dynamic events that occur depending on your effectiveness in mission tasks
  • Custom kneeboards
  • Combined Arms units for more explosive fun on Multi-role and Air-to-ground missions.
  • Switchable AWACS aircraft at anytime (for when you switch to a different aircraft with a different type of measurement (metric vs imperial)
  • JTAC for planes that use it (JTAC uses LASER for target designation, so you can use JTAC with the M2kc, or F-5e)
  • Repeatable/endless missions that are never the same each time
  • Great for beginners and veterans

Modules included:
  • FC3
  • A-10C
  • UH-1H
  • Ka-50
  • Mi-8MVT2
  • SA342 M/L
  • F-5E
  • MiG-21bis
  • M-2000C
  • L-39ZA
  • AJS-37 Viggen
  • Hawk
  • C-101CC
  • F-86F Sabre
  • MiG-15bis
  • Combined Arms
  • Working JTAC for modules that use it.

Included in the mission file are two versions:
  • With AI Wingmen
  • Without AI Wingmen


(Custom skins are seen in these screenshots but they are optional. If you'd like to check them out or use them you can find them here in the spoiler section below)

More Screenshots:


Attached Files
File Type: zip Through The Inferno NTTR v1212 [SP].zip (8.27 MB, 124 views)
"Through The Inferno"
Endless, Dynamic, Open-World Experience for DCS World
Official Website
Join our Discord Server
Through The Inferno Missions:
Single Player:
Caucasus | NTTR - Las Vegas | Persian Gulf | Normandy (WWII)
Multiplayer Servers:
Dedicated Multiplayer

Discord Username: deadlyfishes#1869
Intel i7 7700k OC 5ghz | Titan Xp (SLI) | 64GB DDR4 RAM

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'NTTR Training & Combat'
a Single- and Multiplayer Training Scenario

Download link:

Guided Bombing Practice (Laser 1688 ) with FAC Axeman 1 (137.000 MHz AM) @ grid FAC A for targets in grid 76.
Mixed Guided Target Practice with FAC Finger 1 (139.000 MHz AM) @ grids TPECR / FAC B for targets in grid FAC B.
KC-135 Tanker Arco (132.000 MHz AM, TCN: 12X) will be on station between Beatty and Alamo.

Conduct air battles only in the grids REVEILLE NORTH and REVEILLE SOUTH starting at atleast 20,000 ft.
Unscheduled combats may only be started after the opponents confirmed visual sight of each other by flaring.
Tanker Texaco (149.000 MHz AM, TCN: 13Y) will be on station in the north near Bullseye.
IL-78M 103 will be on station between Beatty and Alamo (141.100 MHz AM) and another IL-78M 104 (142.200 MHz AM) is on station in the very north near Bullseye.
New aggressors will be allocated when orbiting at BLUE BULLSEYE 38°00'52"N 115°05'35"W above 20,000 ft.

L I V E F I R E Scenarios AIRFIELD and INDUSTIAL COMPLEX in grid 74B. Further live fire exercises (grids 74B/C) will follow after the first threats are wiped.
A D V A N C E D L I V E F I R E Scenarios in grid 4808B will be set up when helicopters gather in the S e d a n C r a t e r. Helicopters can meet at FARP Berlin (127.500 MHz AM) just west of the Sedan Crater but will need to hover in the Sedan Crater (below the rim) for the purpose of surprise while targets are to be set up.
Target Ranges in grids 76, 75W and 75E. Targets are marked with red flags.
FARP Dallas (128.500 MHz AM) in grid TPECR.
FARP Paris (127.500 MHz AM) and FARP Madrid (127.500 MHz AM) at Tonopah Test Range Airport in grid 4809A.

Practice of flight technics and cargo transport via sling-loads.
FARP Paris (127.500 MHz AM) and FARP Madrid (127.500 MHz AM) at Tonopah Test Range Airport in grid 4809A.

I was gonna throw in 'TEAM KING OF THE HILL' but it is multiplayer pvp only - still posting it below (Attached Files) if you guys are looking for some dogfight sorties.

If I won a key, I'd love to go for a NTTR key which I could use for my second PC (with i7 2600K, ASUS Strix 980, 32 GB RAM and SSD) to set it up as a public dedicated server with COOP and PVP missions.
Thanx to everyone contributing to the community.
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Name:	TKOTH.jpg
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ID:	158039   Click image for larger version

Name:	NTTR Training-Combat.jpg
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ID:	158040  
Attached Files
File Type: miz TEAM KING OF THE HILL.miz (1.53 MB, 72 views)

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Default Mission Competition Submission

Multirole Mirage: Area 51 Attack

This mission has you flying a Mirage 2000 in a multirole configuration to attack a mobile Command Post located at Area 51.

Using your INS system and the waypoints provided you will fly low and fast to avoid detection before doing a pop up bomb attack onto the target, and fighting your way through enemy QRF to get back to Nellis.

The mission features voice prompts at the mission waypoints to aid the player in their task.

Due to the mission being
too large to share on the forums here is a link to a google drive where you can download the missions.

Mission Link:
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	MM2000.jpg
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Size:	116.0 KB
ID:	158070  
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Project Erebus

5 Roles to fly with over 10 modules included
MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1yn...rebus.miz?dl=0

A Russian spy infiltrated Groom Lake AFB where the United States has been developing a new cyber weapon, code name “Project Erebus”. Russia is attacking the facility with an elite task force to get control of the weapon or destroy it. Select a role and follow your direct orders if we want to keep Erebus safe. I designed this mission to act as a dynamic multi-role single player mission.

Mission Features:
  • Dynamic Single Player Mission
  • Fly as USA or Russia
  • Mission voice overs in English and Russian
  • 14 modules included
  • 5 Unique roles within the mission to experience
  • Each role included multiple scenarios for endless replay
  • Play solo or share the excitement online with a friend

Ways to play:

1.Single Player Single Role Experience: Select a Role and Aircraft, fly your mission, RTB. Restart mission and repeat in the same or new role/module.

2.Single Player Dynamic Multi-Role Experience: The mission is designed to continue to evolve with each mission role for those with multiple DCS modules. If you wanted to play all 4 USA roles I recommend the following; after confirmation of mission completion you are clear to move on to the next role. Mission progression would start with {Spy Intercept-->Air-Air-->Air-Ground-->Heli}

3.Multiplayer Experience: Share the excitement with a friend or friends! Simply host the mission with up to 14 available slots and work as a team to cover all roles.

Missions Include:
  • USA Spy Intercept Mission is to eliminate Russian Spy unit in Nevada.
  • USA Air to Air Mission is to intercept and destroy all Russian fighters over Groom Lake.
  • USA Air to Ground Mission is to intercept and destroy Russian armor headed for Groom Lake.
  • USA Heli Mission is to eliminate all Russian forces on American soil.


Russia Air to Ground Mission is to eliminate all American Forces at Nellis AFB to cripple a counter attack.

MISSION LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y5hp5n1yn...rebus.miz?dl=0]

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