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I felt a grave disturbance in the Steamworks, as if thousands of wallets all opened at once, and were suddenly empty. Thanks guys
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There is a YAK52-TW version. It is actually a tail dragger which hides comepletely its main wheels inside the wings. Is by any chance something that ED might consider to adapt?
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[QUOTE=NineLine;3585169]Yak-52 Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What language will the cockpit be in on release?
A: Currently we have a Russian. English & Chinese versions are WIP.


Any news about a complete English cockpit? A lot of the instruments are still in Russian. If you can't read that (like me), it's quite hard to know at a glance, at which instrument to look at.
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Is there a timeline for a damage model? I'd like to use this as a FAC and mark targets with the smoke pod? Also could we get some generic skins for other countries other than bare metal? I know I can download them but for multiplayer use. Thanks.
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What are the next steps implementing missing things?
Would like to have a working ARK instrument to do some NDB nav training flights.
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