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There is no locking mechanism between the throttles.

A friend with a couple of tours on F14 was telling me they they could use assymetrics thrust in visual combat but he found out of little practical use.

For the OP I am pretty sure Wags uses a TWCS so it is a single throttle, I use the same thing on the road in VR and it works fine. Only trick is if you have a single engine fire and need to shut it down.
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Originally Posted by Robert31178 View Post
Whoa killer, I realize that it doesn't makes sense when we talk about it, but if folks who flew it say there is something to it then there is. People like you and I get to talk about it here, and as I said I haven't read of anyone trying to do in in a DF, but it gets talked about by actual P-38 pilots, so......??
What sayings exactly do you mean? Please, cite it so we, too, can discuss it. For example, you can provide even working conditions for the engines, setting equal manifold pressures with throttles (since engines are different, throttle settings will be as well) -- which can be of value when we talk about heat generation, fuel consumption and such. That, of course, will be emulated for single player's throttle somehow (automatic difference being most likely the solution), but having manual control for that with two player's throttles can be a good feeling. BTW, there is already a Saitek Throttle Quadrant around for that:
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