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the problem is really with the FC3 planes not having selectable radio channels, or even FM/AM radios, so you really just need to set a key to only show messages relating to you, i think you can even in the mig-21 (not sure)

and contact prioritys... don't press request picture, press request bogey dope and it'll show the nearest contact, unless it's hiding behind a hill and gci/awacs can't see it, then it'll say popup 180 5km or whatever as soon as it's in lign of sight with the radar...
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The problem at least with me is that i like getting talked onto my target by AWACS, so im frequently asking for updates. So switching the channel constantly isnt the best option for me. Trying to wait for everyone else asking for a bogey dope costs many critical seconds. Besides, sometimes i feel bad about hogging up the radio wabes so much
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