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Originally Posted by kievbsm View Post
From my side I've met this problem with Jaster when asked him to lock the enemy target. He denied to do it.
But at the same time if I asked him to lock the targed ahead (not used "enemy" word in Jester's communications menu) he did it without any problems.
Looks like it is connected to IFF realization.
Until Jester can't confirm that the target ahead is your enemy he couldn't call it as enemy.
So, in that case he couldn't lock it as "enemy target ahead" but could lock it as just "target ahead".

But it is what I saw in my case.
Of course, if you tell him to lock an enemy and the only contact he has is a bogey, then he can't comply.

Iron Mike explained that in another thread:
Originally Posted by IronMike View Post
Jester does neither switch distance nor elevation manually. We are waiting until TWS AUTO will be complete (which will mitigate for a lot of that) and then see where we need to fill his gaps. In the meantime you need to fly foreseeing, what elevation and range settings you will need ahead and tell him to switch when need. Once I get closer I go to auto elevation and rather point my nose.

As for the no can do: this means your AWG-9 does not track the contact well enough for him to lock it. Or often simple errors like: "lock enemy target ahead" before it is IFF-ed, will cause an "unable" reply, because there is no enemy contact for him on the screen. These things need to be observed as well, for example, if it is a bogey, just tell him to "lock target ahead" instead of enemy and so on. And help him with your aspect work to get a favourable view with the radar. Once you breach 20nm, prepare to transition to the PAL latest at 15nm, and within 5nm then to VSL or PLM.
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