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im still wondering, do i need 64gb of ram now? im okay for improving hardware if it will help.

Reloading a mission x2 when i play multiplayer does not bother me.
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Is there really no memory leak?

Attached is a trivial track from a trivial mission (two aircraft flying in a straight line at 10000m). No visible trees, no fancy details, buildings etc.

I tried to record a (very boring) video from this track using the mission editor built-in function. I managed to record about 40 seconds of the video at the native resolution of 2560x1600 at 60fps before I had to kill it because it was swapping like crazy (this was with 32GB RAM and SSD).

DCS.exe grew to almost 50GB allocated memory (not counting code and static data) before I killed it.
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What happens when you're NOT trying to both run the SIM and record 4K video at 60 FPS at the same time ?
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If I just run the sim then I don't see a memory leak. But my point was not just that it is using huge amounts of memory but that it was growing continuously without bounds.

Edit: 2560x1600 isn't 4K (it's about half the pixels of 4K) and frame rate doesn't matter since it's not being recorded in real time anyway. Still, that's kind of besides the point.

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Originally Posted by cichlidfan View Post
I hope it works for you. Mismatched memory sets are a bit of hit and miss proposition.
Hopefully it will work out..
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@Nineline I was wondering...when you load into multiplayer it usually takes a few minutes before you can move freely on the slot list and then another few minutes until the plane and the environment gets assembled below you.
Is this part of the mission load management also addressed/improved in the new updates?
Or more likely for you being allowed to talk it being looked at?

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Funny how having 2.1 version running I had no issues then after the 2.5 conversion and the last 2 updates my game has gone from bad to worse. This game has issues wither you want to admit it or not. I can only hope that ED gets their techs on it and gets it fixed. For most of us we have machines that for all tense and purposes should be shredding this game up but we still have long load times and bugs in the game. We should not have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on newer equipment after every update that comes out.

For now I sit back and wait to see how long it will take ED to fix this game. I will not be spending any more money on anything until I see the release version stable and running smooth.

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Put my graphics to low, crashes are still happening. Worse, actually. Can confirm, more objects and clutter is not the problem. Not sure about memory leak, but I'm not convinced that DCS being "more demanding" is the problem. For now, a memory leak still looks like a possible cause.
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Default Issues

+1 usctaylor

You seem to have hit the nail on the head with the same issues we’ve found ... since 2.5 long loading times stutter and pausing on a/c selection screens followed by another long pause followed by selection followed by pauses and then finally partial a/c cockpit load..and short time later in game .

Probably like others I went from a Haswell i7 4790k OC @4.6Ghz, 16Ghz with a 970 then a 1070 to what is the current latest i7 8700k @5ghz and 1080ti 32Mb DDR4 expecting wonders only to see poor core usage and what seems dire performance .... tbh the cost upgrade across my whole system has been pretty disappointing and just goes to show how little intel perf gains seem to have .... looking forward to a AMD “Empire Strikes Back” moment....

My only possible limitation is that all this is with using Rift all the time ... maybe some testing back on screen time is needed to check if it’s just that current GPU tech isn’t man enough and still struggling to give the performance that manufactures seem to think is possible .... really don’t want to go back as I feel VR is a must for this game and waiting for v2 of this tech...

Any thoughts and pointers or what people have found most welcome ...

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Originally Posted by uscstaylor View Post
Funny how having 2.1 version running I had no issues then after the 2.5 conversion and the last 2 updates my game has gone from bad to worse. This game has issues wither you want to admit it or not. I can only hope that ED gets their techs on it and gets it fixed.
Exactly this!
On Tuesday I was flying single player mission over Nevada 2.2 with about 25-30 fps downtown Vegas.
On Wednesday the update came. Removed 2.2, 1.5, installed 2.5 clean. Now the same mission on the same rig with the same settings gives me sub 20 fps.
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