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Default Memory Limit/Load Issues

Hey guys,
This post is to clarify the issues that some have been having with 2.5, and to clarify what is going on, and the best way to approach working with it.

First, this is NOT a memory leak. A memory leak would be that usage of RAM continues to increase during running of the sim until it uses all you memory and the program crashes or stops responding.

What is actually happening is that with 2.5 and all its new features, people are hitting their RAM limit on load of maps. Why? Well 2.5 has added higher object counts, from collide-able trees, new buildings, more buildings, and other objects to make the maps look more alive and detailed. Include in this higher detailed textures and you can see how more RAM is needed.

Currently ED is testing a solution that will help much of this. The initial version of the dynamic texture unload manager which will greatly improve performance for heavy online missions is currently under test and should be available for users within the coming two weeks. We apologise for the delay but a last minute issue arose with this module.

What can you do while you wait? Adjusting older missions from 1.5, especially for multiplayer, by removing un-needed units can help. Mission design can really help manage RAM usage, and for the time being will be the best bet to help. As well, look at your computer specs, by no means does ED demand you guys upgrade to 32GB, but if you are running 8GB, you may need to evolve with the times, and understand that as ED offers bigger more detailed environments, the demands on your system will need to evolve as well.

I hope this clarifies a little more of what is going on, and that ED is truly working to make this the best experience for all.
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