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Originally Posted by MadDog-IC View Post
It is quite natural to be peeved as it is ED's responsibility, but due to modern updates to maps, lighting systems, weather systems and other improvements it has and will create mission wide issues that affect just about every mission ever made in some way.

It would be very difficult and is time consuming to fix all of those missions that come with past and present modules (several thousand missions all up), so it is a logistics issue, get more people to help, or stop all current production and just fix all the old stuff themselves.

Short answer is these and many other missions have already been corrected and are in game or in the pipeline to be added to the game, or are still being actively corrected, but it isn't going to happen overnight.

To edit missions yourself:
  1. Open Mission Editor from DCS main page and click on big button: "Load Mission"
  2. Navigate to the correct directory for the aircrafts missions: Bf-109K-4 -> Single -> City River Run.miz and click "OK".
  3. To change mission "Time" and "Date" click on the first button on the Left side panel that looks like a piece of paper, just under the word MIS.
  4. Navigate to the panel on the right, that has the Date and Time fields available, and advance the "Time" by 30, 45 minutes on average, some times as much as 75 - 90 minutes for early morning and do the reverse for late night (Dusk).
  5. If you want to change the season set month:
  • Winter = December to February
  • Spring = Mid March to Mid June
  • Summer = June to August
  • Autumn (Fall) = Mid September to Mid October
  1. To save changes, click on "FILE" from top Menu and then "Save As" and point to folder you want to save the edit mission into, if you overwrite the original, it will be replaced with the old version every time you do a DCS update, so put it in MY missions folder.
As I have already done these corrections, here they are.
Regards, Ian.

All’s right with the world, now. Thanks.

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