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Originally Posted by BitMaster View Post
From what i read, early reviews and leaks etc.., the 8700k will just beat the 9700k in Multitasking by a few %. Those 2 are quite similar at the bottom line.

Either way, I would not buy any CPU w/o HT or SMT, time will come when it matters in DCS.
I'm honestly quite curious how the 9600K is going to compare to the 8600K. I wouldn't be caught off guard if they were pretty similar, just one not requiring a delid to achieve extreme clockspeeds with reasonable temps.
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Originally Posted by Headwarp View Post
I'm honestly quite curious how the 9600K is going to compare to the 8600K. I wouldn't be caught off guard if they were pretty similar, just one not requiring a delid to achieve extreme clockspeeds with reasonable temps.

exactly what I think, refined and easier to use
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Originally Posted by Worrazen View Post
Sure, but those are small things I consider negible, I don't run MSI Afterburner or anything in the background so it wasn't a focus point for me, but ofcourse, I just didn't mention it because it wasn't meant to be a full explanation post

Yeah I didn't include to mention "the math" cause I didn't want to repeat all thr details what I already wrote about in that thread.

Secondly I many times write things in general but use the quote as a helper for a point or two, not everything I wrote was aimed as a reply to your specific case.

I'm talking about my own case where I have 4 cores, there's little difference except the % math in the total CPU utilization, it's again a "insert specific case number", which I didn't feel was that important to do as again I'm talking in general half the time. I would have done it if I wasn't busy these days.

I wasn't giving CPU purchasing advice, I thought it was pretty obvious (after all in that thread) that if you have a quad core you'll be a bit better off than dual-core, I was focusing on whether DCS is dual or more threaded, those extra little threads aren't significant so I just ignore them, plus not sure if those run async maybe they have to wait for stuff in the main. Unless more significant components are split and actually run async, like 10-20% speed up then we could start saying more about that, and mainly if they affect FPS, that's what mostly was my test, if it affects FPS (up in the right corner in the video), that said, a large part is still going to be single threaded for the forseeable future, and the use of this "multithreaded" moniker is so ridicolous for so many reasons.
Well I found your post informative Worrazen. I'm one of those who thought TaskManager was telling the truth, load spreading for temp control ect; and based a lot of advice posts on the back of it in the past.

After reading your post, I now realise I do not know enough to be offering sound advice to others and should keep quiet.

So your post has at least one positive..... it has stopped me from embarrassing myself further.
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