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Originally Posted by DigitalEngine View Post
What is "Flow Vision", a particular process, or a specific product?
A software suite the allows one to use a Sealed 3D model to re-create wind tunnel data virtually,
Good for:
-Old Airframes that have no Publicly available windtunnel data
-New Airframes that have no Publicly available windtunnel data
-ProtoType Airframes that no Publicly available windtunnel data
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Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
I'm pretty sure the price increase only applies to people who don't already have bought the assets pack. I can almost guarantee you that you won't have to pay for the upgrade as this would be pretty ridiculous.

Correct, this is just a price increase as the scope and scale of the pack increase. We wont be asking for 5 more bucks from those that own it already.
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I'm excited for the SA-2! I was wondering what happened to it a while back (after the initial announcement).

What altitude/range will ED program the SA-2 MEZ at? Because I'm seeing variations of technical data on different websites.

25000m/45km (wiki page), 18288m/43.5km (USAF National Museum page), ect...

Sorry if it's been posted already, I just haven't been able to find it.

I would love to start mission planning with the ranges in mind! Just throw down a zone, and fill it in with the system once available

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ugramedia is now making Sirya map???!!!!!!!!!
but who are these ugramedia guys? I bet they are ED themselves at the end of the story :>
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The SA-2 we are getting is not Dvina however, that's Volkhov
Minimum engagement altutude 100 m.
Max distance 43/56 km
Min distance 7 km
Ceiling 30 km, on stationary target up to 35 km
Max target speed hot/cold is 420/1100 m/s
Max 1 target per battery, 3 missiles per target

Can engage 0.7 targets per minute.

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