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Default Future Warbird content?

I know the 109 G6 is in the works but does anyone have a time frame for it. Also my next question is about other warbird content and aircraft. I know the zero and Corsair are in the works and i think the mosquito has been mentioned, but what about other era aircraft/timeframes...example BOB, italy, razor back 51s and 47s, earlier 190s, spitfires, 109s etc......... Fyi I would definitely drop cash on kickstarters for more dcs warbirds content........ answers/thoughts?
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We have a Mossie and a ME262 on the way as well the corsair.

Since Nick Grey is a BOB fan I think we can expect the Spit MK1 & ME109E in the future however nothing has been announced, they are busy with completely reworking the damage modelling at the moment as well, so the current A/C are being updated inline with that as well.

Fingers still crossed for a Typhoon &/or Tempest.
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The FW 190 F-8 and FW 190 G-8 have been announced. Example (REF):
With the Wulf finally out of early access, we look forward to further improvements. Making the aircraft even more complex with the F-8 attack and G-8 light bomber variations.
I am not sure what sub-variant of the F-8 we are getting, but I really hope it is the FW 190 F-8/U4 (i.e. with the PKS12 autopilot and the TSA2 bombsight).

Otherwise, in pure dreaming-mode, I'd be wishing for any multi-engined LW aircraft.
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Don’t forget the Mossie
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It would be nice if they followed a fixed timeline and start say at the battle of britain. I'd be all for Spit mk I/II and hurricane VS Bf109 E2/4. Then they could work from there. They already have a channel map( which would need altering of course for the time period) my 2C's worth
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Being more enthusiastic about what I want, I would like a Battle of Britain plane set for The Channel Map. Then those birds can be used in a Mediterranean/North African map. Also I would love an early Pacific front (Midway/Coral Sea).

Being more realistic, please deliver the 109 G-6, then a P-51 B/C, P-47 D-22, and a Me 410. A Central European map would be great as well and will fit this plane set.
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About time frame as OP says, I believe Mosquito is the next one, then 262 but F8 model of the 190 is on the works so I hope we'll see it even sooner. Fw190A8 itself was an unexpected unnoticed unforeseen visitor so even though we know nothing a possibility would be we see the 109G6 also in the meantime of the planned two since some of the work is already done in the form of K4 like some of Anton was done in the Dora. As said, might be, hope so, but we know nothing.

The rest of them, yes it's being said and I want them all, Corsair (I believe a6m5 is planned IA for the moment) is coming though no date, and Nick Grey said about the early BoB stuff which I crave for either, but again we know nothing and probably those aren't any close. But aside from that I don't recall any more things they would have mention as flyable of course though as IA some things are also planned to flesh out the environment. But no dates or schedule AFAIK.

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I remember the Fw 190A-8 originally being slated as an AI asset and then suddenly making an appearance last year as a full module. I’m hoping that the Bf 109G-6 and Typhoon get the same treatment.
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Much as I'd love the Typhoon too I suspect it's unlikely we'll see one as a flyable in DCS, Nick Grey has stated that typically a fully player flyable module is difficult unless there are airworthy examples to help verify flight characteristics against and provide sound sources. And currently there are no airworthy Typhoons, alas.

There are, however, some projects attempting to restore Typhoons to airworthy status, (with Napier Sabres too) so there is a shred of hope...
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afaik the 262 is still in the research phase in developement so i would expect an aircraft to come before it and after the mosquito, this will in my opinion end up being the Corsair
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