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Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
Same for me. I have zero interest in FC3 level modules.

I got into DCS because of what it is, great flight model modeling, systems, 3D modeling etc, I don't like the idea of having more FC3 modules, but that's happening due to business reasons, not much I can do, so I understand that 100%.

I feel like Igor had a different vision for DCS as a platform, going from low fidelity to the best on the market, and it seems that we are going back a little bit because now ED is trying new things, trying to reach a new market within DCS, and trying to make more money, which is completely fine.

I'm not trying to insult ED though, not at all, just sharing my thoughts. Being 100% honest with you all, FC3 modules are part of the past from a sim perspective, if the technology allows you to make even more advanced modules, seeking for more realism, I'd keep that path, but of course, this is very expensive and MAC is a reflection of that. You could also say that DCS is aiming another market, the so-called "lighter sim" players, which is true apparently according to NL, but in my opinion, if you think the existing modules are too complex, DCS is not for you.

Just my opinion.

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Ach, FC3-level stuff will make them more money for sure. Yah, let them do it - s**t, I would if I were them. But us grognards will then have to accept a slower pace of development for anything ringing our bell as well...
Hey doubters, check this out: "P-51D has another variant with new higher octane coming later, the K-4 and D-9 are getting new cockpits, all the WWII warbirds are getting their cooling reworked, and a DM is in internal testing"
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If it ain't full fidelity, I ain't buying!
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Tho I understand the business and cash flow thing...I am not a fan of this half-baked approach if it will be the standard for all new modules from a certain time on.

But hey, I have soooo many modules I could stop buying them and still have decades of learning ahead..LoL this DCS thing can take half your life away if you dont watch out.
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Originally Posted by BitMaster View Post
But hey, I have soooo many modules I could stop buying them and still have decades of learning ahead..LoL this DCS thing can take half your life away if you dont watch out.
You ain't kidding. I have so many it's overwhelming. I need to start focusing on only two to three of what I've got. Ha!

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Many good points. Good discussion.

I'm ok with this. The choice is still ours whether or not to buy it at the initial release level, just like early access does.

It controls some of the risk for more obscure aircraft. I'm willing to take a gamble on whether or not a particular plane gets an ASM, if it helps fill out DCS WW2 faster.

It's also worth mentioning that there are people out there that want MAC level things, and may not even want the ASM upgrade.

My hope would be that MAC level aircraft are initially sold at a lower price point. The ASM, if made, sold as an upgrade bringing the overall price up to the full DCS level.

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It seems development of the ASM relies on people buying the module, but people who mainly care about ASM might not want to buy the module until the ASM development is guaranteed. This is sort of a paradox, unless they have some other method than sales figures to gauge "If the plane is interesting for users"
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