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Default Date & Time Format

Could you make date & time formats consistent please?
On the DCS Home Page in the "Forums" area I see something like "03-05-2016 07:51:33 UTC".
In the forums I see "05-03-2016 09:51 AM". I'm not sure how many users would agree with me, but I would prefer to see the format
"03-05-2016 07:51:33 UTC" or "03-MAY-2015 07:51:33 UTC" also in the forums. I think it's less error-prone than the traditional US format. And even the US military uses Day-Month-Year notation for dates, and 24-hours format for time.
But at least, please be consistent between home page and forums!
The other problem I have with the time format in the forums is that I have no clue what time zone it's based on. I suspect it's CET; but is it CET daylight saving time or just CET?

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Go the top left of the forums. Click on 'User CP'. On the left you'll then find 'Edit Options'. A few scrolls down you'll be able to set your own timezone. And if you want to compensate for DST or not.
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Yes please, dd/mm/yyyy.
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Military date would be cool.
DD.Month.YYYY 24:00 UTC as default, corrected by timezone according to user settings.
Any date apart from 1.1.2016, 5.5.2016 to 12.12.2016 always have me guessing about month and day... Time in 24:00 hours notation is precise, to say the least.

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Both of these things actually happen if you switch the forum language to Russian, but I don't think there is a way to change them separately from the language.
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