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Default Do Belsimtek really exist?

This company is quite different from other 3rd companies. Yes i know they are very close to ED, maybe part of them, but ..

Other partner's admins, devs reply the community very often, even ED and Wags are involved with this forum but BST is like a ghost. Are thet active in Russian section?
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They (EvilBivol-1 and PilotMi8 ) used to be quite active on the English side of the forums. Now PilotMi8 is mainly only active on the Russian side and EvilBivol has not posted for about a year. I will not speculate as to why their communication strategy has changed.
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They are pretty active in russian section of the forum.
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This thread's title really made me laugh, I immediately thought of a conspiracy.
As Rangi and Askerov said: Yes, they are active here, but they are a quiet bunch, and when they talk they usually do that in Russian.

So yes, they do exist.
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They are quite quiet - Apart from the news they posted yesterday about the windscreen wipers...
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Originally Posted by Weta43 View Post
They are quite quiet - Apart from the news they posted yesterday about the windscreen wipers...
And the other 30 updates to the Mi-8 since 2015
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They are still around but don't post much on the forums other than the Mi-8 team
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it sure doesnt hinder them from beating the other 3rdparties in cranking out hifi modules though.

really awful thread btw

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Anyone got the X-files theme tune?
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