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Default Clickable F-15C?

Will there be any chance that we will be getting one? I'm looking at the the beautiful and detailed cockpit that BST and ED have put together... I can only dream of how awesome it would be if all those buttons and systems were properly modeled for us to fiddle with...

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From the "roadmap":
+ Belsimtek:
- F-15C (hope to)
-- Hardcore module system
-- click-able cockpit
So maybe …
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I'd love for the FC planes to be gone from DCS and replaced with "full" aircraft.
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Originally Posted by BSS_Sniper View Post
I'd love for the FC planes to be gone from DCS and replaced with "full" aircraft.
I would like the option for simple or clickable. That way we can get them in the door with out overloading them with complicated flight procedures, then when they are ready they can move on to complete clickable and pfm versions.

Many people would not have stuck around if they had to learn the a10c from the getgo.
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I agree have it so theres an option for players to choose full out realism (us who fly the more complex modules) and non-clickable (new players)
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Actually, why don't they make the current FC3 functions clickable? Fire extinguishers, jettison, autopilot...
This would already be better than a non clickable pit.
Anyway I too hope for full blown FPM/ASM for every airplane. Waiting for the PFM of the Su-33 and Mig-29 first of all.
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Do you need to create one of these thread per week? Just look around and use the search and you'll see there are 30 000 others!
As for FC3 upgrades, I've heard that FC3 series were very old and that the cockpit functions were very hard to change due to the age and oddity of the original FC codes (i.e. why they didn't make the 10 000 little easy changes people have been requesting). This doesn't meen stuff is fixed for ever, but instead that even a little change is a decent amount of headhackes. Don't quote me on this though... just something I heard...
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I think f15-E will do too.
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From memory E.D. stated some time ago they will do a full version of the Su-27 & F-15.
At some time in the future.
There's a LONG thread discussing wishes for the Su-27 type somewhere, if you find that, it probably will lead you to the original statement.
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Yes, F-15C and F-15E with full clickable cockpits please!
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