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Cap'n kamikaze
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Looks like the update has well been updated.
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Originally Posted by Knock-Knock View Post
And no, the Tomcat is not releasing with all its features on day one. Dont know where you got that from, BlueAngel.
Seems like F-35 style isn't going well in the real world ... maybe in the future people will be asking the question of if alpha releases really make sense in the end.

I'm not sure if it's the customer anticipation or what, but I know for my self I wouldn't have something so early that it would be half done, except I'm pondering over the current Hornet+Persian deal a lot so I'm not perfect (it's not like it won't get done, it will get constantly updated until it gets there), if something is done earlier than it's possible to build it, it probably wouldn't be that same product at all.

So if you want to have something early, you'll have to deal with the bugs I guess.

I'm more of a core DCS World updates buff, I always like ME and the core updates, let the aircraft experts focus on their fields and let them enjoy the meat of it, while I make sure the scenery and details are tidied up, heh.

There's still some powerful ME features ... like ability to fuse/connect waypoints to create shapes which would be great for patrol paths, ability to select which runway to spawn (runway slots) which gives you ability to also control the direction which you fly from the airport when taking off.

I think that now I see some airfield are designed to be taken off and/or landed only from one end, not sure if this is a super-strict rule, but I guess in a military situation you'd be able to do it from any side, so I doubt the militaries would be respecting civilian rules in the middle of a war.

EDIT: Actually, I've just now modified my little mod I done 5 months ago to work on latest version, there's a lot of undocumented changes with weapon weights, position offsets, pylons, textures, display names, that I already witnessed before and now again so certianly the changelog can't be taken that literally, it's barely in english too.

EDIT2: Rocket launchers have better weight management, it's all separated per rocket and launcher housing, it suggest that when you will launch rockets, the weight of each rocket will be deduced from the total weight, unline previously if you launched all you'd still be having the full weight, but maybe earlier it was using a script and deduced the whole weight, but don't take my word for it.

EDIT3: It's very much possible stuff may be partially or not completely implemented and may be included in changelog later when it actually is working.
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Wink We pay ED to be part of EA - that's simple


I am not complaining at all but your statement could sound like " your F18 will be ready in 10 years from now"....this is not a good point from a company who already got our money.

Well, if it takes ED years to complete this jet we - early access users - have paid to be part of this journey and also mature together with the product. Recently Wags said that the median of the user base is 25-55 years old, that means there is a good chance that most of us will be still alive when the jest gets completed.
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Originally Posted by awjudge View Post
Until the whiners in the community fully understand what Early Access means, this argument will go on forever.

The idiots want the latest and greatest, spend their money and complain that ED have delivered an unfinished product. It makes my brain hurt.

If you want the full, finished product, wait for it to be FINISHED. Don't be buying Early Access. You'll just be disappointed and we'll all have to deal with your incessant complaints on Facebook, and these forums.
I agree. In fact I do not buy anithing stated as "early access" but I always wait until in released status. But...

Originally Posted by BaD CrC View Post
We are still waiting for fixes for the Ka 50 that came out in 2009, and some are complaining for a module that just came out.
Yes, I buy only released products, and I play on stable branch, but (especially from when 2.5 came out) I dealt with a lot of unexpected bugs and issues, even playing in stable version and with released products. Some of them fixed, some not jet (i.e. ka-50 cockpit light switches). Moreover, there are some products declared as released but not properly finished (Uh-1h for example). Thus, I think buying only released products is more a philosophical attitude than a real way to avoid bugs, dealing with a complex and always-in-development product like DCS. You have to accept this as It is, if you like DCS (and I like It). This does not mean that ka-50 Is not finished after 9 years. This means ka-50 slowly keeps developing to follow a constantly developing platform like DCS. And this brings bugs, I think it's inevitable.
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Originally Posted by BuzzU View Post
Simple answer. Buy the Tomcat and park the Hornet. That's my plan.
That definately makes it easier to wait for new features in the Hornet. I've been waiting for the addition of some new toys for weeks now, but nevertheless there's always enough to play around with. IIRC the last feature added was the HOBS for the AIM-9X by the end of August. After that just fixes, but not the ones I'm waiting for, speaking about personal preferences...

ED said the pace was going to slow down due to the complexity of things, also don't forget they're putting together MAC right now as well, they've got a rough release date they want to hit

All in all I'd say you can't blame 'em, they're doing a great job. This isn't a team with hundreds of employees that just shells out the same crap every year in a remastered fashion
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I am having more fun than I have had with a sim since Falcon 4.0. Sure it is frustrating, but I am still learning the systems with everyone, and that helps because we are all sharing what we learn and what works and what doesn't work. And when I get frustrated with F18-C I go back and hone my A10-C skills. There are plenty of challenges left there.
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Originally Posted by Knock-Knock View Post
And no, the Tomcat is not releasing with all its features on day one. Dont know where you got that from, BlueAngel.
Right here...


8:25 in...

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