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Originally Posted by unknown View Post
I wouldn't call a completely new Flight Model a minor improvement...
And remember, all planes in FC3 are further developments of the LOMAC planes. They got new 3d models, flight models, improved/reduced avionic capabilities over the last 15 years.

But i'm optimistic and hope we have the FA-18 with most of her features complete by the end of 2019.

I wish I could have as good an appreciation for flight modelling as I do for nav, radar, communications, weapons etc. Probably I'm not a good enough pilot.
Look forward to 2019.
Thanks for the info.

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Originally Posted by Esac_mirmidon View Post
And i understand that GazAce.

But you should consider one thing. There are a lot of people here willing to help anyone with any kind of issue or problem if ask for it in a positive manner. I know DCS sometimes progress could be frustrating.

This is because is not only a "game" is our passion also, and because we love so much quality flight simulation, sometimes long developing process, bugs, issues, problems, not having our favourite things quick enough, etc take its tool on our nerves.

But in the end this is a hobby for fun, ED and Third Parties are always doing they best they can and all together can make this process more comfortable helping each other than rolling down through all bad habits sometimes anyone can express.

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I did the following to get back to my own bindings (HOTAS WARTHOG) for the hornet:

1) Keep your bindings as you made them in the sim before the last update
(in my case stored: CWIN (7)/Users/Rob/saved games/DCS.openbeta/config/Input/FA-18C_hornet)
2) Next step go the map DCS Openbeta/Mods/Aircraft/FA-18C/Input/joystick: you will find several lua files. Keep the default.lua in that map and back up all the other you will see in another map or map created by yourself: I made a made called joysticknew. I put these files into this created map:
Joystick - HOTAS Warthog.diff.lua
T.Flight Hotas X.diff.lua
Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.diff.lua
TWCS Throttle.diff.lua
VPC WarBRD + MT50.diff.lua

Start the game and your own bindings will be back as they were before the update. Be aware that these other files will be back with all upcoming updates as ED will always update missing files or changed files. So this exercise has to carried out with every update.

The red/brown highlighted bars are gone now. The conflict in the bindings starts when there are more bindings were attatched to one button. That happens with these new warthog lua files in the default.lua are in this DCS Openbeta/Mods/Aircraft/FA-18C/Input/joystick MAP.

Hopes this helps...... For me it did.
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