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Default Am I the only one frustrated by this?

Guys, I'm not trying to start a fight, but I would like to give a place where Belsimtek can see what everyone is thinking.

I feel that they have put out some fantastic aircraft, but its very obvious to me that they are constantly pushing out new aircraft in a beta stage, and never going back to finish the modules they worked on. Everything feels like its half-done and there is no sign of anything being completed.

Huey still needs a finished manual, fixes for the cockpit lighting and I'm sure many other things. But the biggest thing is it NEEDS engine/egt overheating. This is a major portion of the fly dynamic of this bird, the lack of pure power. I'm tired of people saying "we dont need that, just dont pull too much power." You cant fly the Mustang or Dora without engine overheat modeled, and just say "don't over heat the temps", it would significantly take away from the experience.

Mi8 still needs the manual (after almost a year), still needs implementation with the door gunners, sling loading, and probably a host of other things that need fixing.

Sabre still has some issues with the rudder but I think its on track.

My biggest frustrations, is that I have paid for the Mi8 and the Huey, a long time ago, and they have still never left their "beta" stage. It has been in beta for way too long. And now to hear that they doing a Mig-15? This worries me about their older products falling out of favor, and not ever getting completed.

I paid money for a promised product, and so far, it has not been completed to what has been promised. I don't care what kind of industry it is. I'm not going to "fanboy" any particular developer. If they promise, and don't deliver, its not right. We have all paid our hard earned money for their modules, to not see them ever completed.

Also their silence on the forum has been deafening. There is never any updates, or any attempt to inform us of what is going on. I understand I don't have a right to demand that, but I wish they would interact more with us, like how Leatherneck does.

I know some of you are going to flame me for this, and you are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine.

But I will not buy anymore Belsimtek products, until they finish their existing modules. I am not happy with how this "beta" model is, because their products never leave this stage. Yes they have done a good job, but they need to finish the work that we were promised and paid for.

Please let me know if you agree/disagree with me.

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+1 for Huey egt overheating

+1000 for Mi8 manual, gunner and sling/hoist


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really worried that they have gotten in over there heads, and that it might cause them to spiral out of control. even if they are honest, it can still run wild especially if they fail to communicate with us. and that I think is there biggest sin, failing to be fully open. and more then anything, makes all of the minor problems that add up feel thousands of times worse then they really are.
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I am not frustrated. I am, however, disappointed, older and wiser.
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I'm afraid I'm going to have to start avoiding "beta" products from BST. (quotes because beta implies it's leading to a finished product)

The Huey had some development momentum upon release, then the Mi-8 came out and everything seemed to stop dead.
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You make valid points....But you have to keep in mind that this sim is never going to be complete and is always under development. With that said, the Huey has been out of beta for quite some time now and nothing is going to be perfect. If the EGT overheat is that big of deal to some, then they are in for more disappointment. As far as the Mi-8, STILL BETA. Yes its been a while since updates and no word has been spoken. Edge is right around the corner and guess what, it may have broken things on the previous modules, or maybe they are trying to get the mutli-crew platform ready. So with in due time you may get what you ask, but these things take time, and allot of it.

I would love for all these things to be completed as well, but the reality of it is you have to keep an open mind and have patience. The pyramids weren't built in a day.

From another perspective, it would be nice to have all the bells and whistles, but it all comes down to play-ability. Does it fly, does it perform to expectations of the current mission, simply put is the product presentable in a marketing opportunity, and the answer is yes.

To be honest though, I am very pleased with Belsimtek. If they stay silent forever and still release products, who cares they have released three high fidelity aircraft in less than a year and a half so not much to complain about.

Only time will tell.
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Read this thread:

A (growing) number are frustrated and frankly fed-up with the practice of "BETA" release of unfinished, buggy products.

However, we're our own worse enemy because we continue to buy such. BST is a primary offender but DCS (look at the problems with the FW-190 upon release) is also guilty.

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I was thinking about this the other day strangely enough. I think it's a psychological thing. Before a product is released there is a huge drive to get it out so that it can generate income, but once a product is released it has diminished income potential.

I want to believe that the modules will be fixed before Xmas with Edge.

The biggest thing for me is the sound of the engines and the weapons. Placeholders just don't cut it.
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Don't quote me on this and maybe I'm wrong here..

One possibility is that there's incentive to bring out many modules at start to generate income so that there's possibility to finish the modules later. Certain amount of devs does need certain income-level to keep business going and the flight-sim crowd isn't that big so that leaves bringing out modules at steady pace to keep going.
Also we don't know how many developers BST currently has so are there multiple teams working on different modules or are there just a few people working on all the multiple modules at the same time?
Plenty of guessing, not enough solid information.

I do appreciate each new module there is and hope they are finished at some point.
However, calling something "beta" is only a title in the name if there aren't major things to work on.

Edit: by the way, it seems the missing things in Huey and Mi-8 depend on ED to finish their part on DCS before BST can implement them.
So it's not Belsimtek's fault if modules are "hanging" on a beta-status.
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If you are fed up, dont buy beta releases, its as simple as that, beta phases are not for everyone, trust me, they are very important to ED and other developers, because you get a wider sampling of their software on different set ups... but you cant get mad about it if you dont understand what the beta period is used for... and I will be honest, the 190 release was pretty damn smooth, sure ED fixed a lot of things, but few, if any of those fixes really impeded the enjoyment of the module...

Originally Posted by jjohnson241 View Post
Read this thread:

A (growing) number are frustrated and frankly fed-up with the practice of "BETA" release of unfinished, buggy products.

However, we're our own worse enemy because we continue to buy such. BST is a primary offender but DCS (look at the problems with the FW-190 upon release) is also guilty.
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