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View Poll Results: With the aircrafts we have, should devs focus on creating a Vietnam environment ?
Yes, it would create a new dimension to the DCS World simulator 826 86.13%
No, I prefer 3rds to still work on aircrafts, and to fly in the same old Caucasus 133 13.87%
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The OV-10 was great for the FAC role - the amount of radios, the two seat config (i know the Most flew alone) and the weapons like the 4 7,92mm MGs and the Rockets.
•Relaying the radio comunication
•observ the area
•Guide airstrikes
•and supress the Enemy untill the fastmovers arrive

Sure you can do light attack
But FAC is not less fitting for this plane
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The OV-10 did FAC well as it was one of the multiple missions it was capable of but it was overkill to limit such an amazing COIN aircraft that way. The O-1E and O-2A were doing the same exact job with similar effectiveness. Think about it like using dedicated A-10's armed only with marker rockets for FAC... which the AF did as well. I'd also like to see the OV-10D NOGS for a DCS:Vietnam.

The OV-10 is one of my most desired aircraft for DCS along with the F4U Corsair, F-14 Tomcat, F-4G Wild Weasel IV, CV-22 Osprey and MC-130H Combat Talon II. I'd like to see the OV-10D+ as well. Is an OV-10G+ out of the question... IIRC there are two of them being used by AFSOC right now seeing that the Combat Dragon II program is officially over. I'd love to have a AGM-114 armed Bronco.
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^That. As good a FAC aircraft it was, it was just as good if not better as a COIN/CAS plane, which it was built as. Then things obviously changed when the USAF panicked at every other branch buying them after they'd said no, especially fearing it would lead to an Army airforce again.
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Originally Posted by Haukka81 View Post
+1 for this

Vietnam was balanced war, only war that Usa lost. So it would be nice to play even from red side
Just watched a PBS documentary about USA's role in Iraq.

"Only war" is debatable!
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"The next worst thing to a battle lost is a battle won" - The Duke of Wellington (paraphrased)
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I would really like a Vietnam map. But I do not want to Belsimtek uses its resources on it. They do such a good job with what they do! So I voted that they should continue with what they're doing. / UH-1H Pilot
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Make tropical foliage and environment textures available to modders = problem solved. DCS to develop maps = not soon. Tropics = Korea + Vietnam + WII pacific. Community modders will take it from there. Easy: make some tropic textures and foliage. ED & DCS is for FM and cockpits. Make textures and environs available = the world is open. Source: has happened in IL2 and FSX. Know what to ask for, it isn't much to make it happen.
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I think many of you misinterpreted one of my poll choice ;-) !

In 3rd parties, I didn't mean Belsimtek especially, but any 3rd parties, even new ones who would like to start in this business by focusing on maps and campaign development ( that is the only area we lack now we have helis and fighters from all eras )

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If ED can't get tree's collidable, making a vast jungle map seems like a huge waste of time and resources.
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We could just keep pretending to collide with trees. Don't you have any imagination?
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