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View Poll Results: With the aircrafts we have, should devs focus on creating a Vietnam environment ?
Yes, it would create a new dimension to the DCS World simulator 826 86.13%
No, I prefer 3rds to still work on aircrafts, and to fly in the same old Caucasus 133 13.87%
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Old 09-20-2014, 09:29 AM   #91
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Would just love to fly the F-105 'THUD' and the F-4 'Phantom',oh boy yes

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I said NO. I do not want them to be outsourced to build maps. Those maps also cost a lot and they are less important to me than the planes I fly. Taking into consideration how long it takes for a FM to be done... I want to fly some of those planes before I am old and sick.

Also, Vietnam is full of trees. Trees are tanky on the PC performance. This would make the whole thing impossible to fly with 7-10 FPS all the time.
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I would welcome a new 3rd party to step up for mainly, and perhaps only map development, consisting of people with relevant skills, once the SDK is available. But I agree with Solty, I personally would prefer aircraft module building parties to keep doing that, since for me too the modules are more important than terrain.

Though, I would yell a big YES! to a 3rd party pumping out lots of Vietnam era aircraft from both belligerents .
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Old 09-20-2014, 09:55 PM   #94
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All for third party map development.

Let's be real - creating aircraft is what the boys at DCS really do best. Let someone else handle a bunch of new scenery and allow DCS to put all their attention on pumping out new aircraft.

In fact - I am surprised a few 3rd party companies haven't stepped up and done this.
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Old 09-24-2014, 07:11 PM   #95
Raven Morpheus
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DCS Vietnam would be fantastic (excuse me if I've posted in this thread before, I can't seem to find my post amongst the 10 pages if I have, and I thought I had?!).

As sims or any sort of video gaming goes Vietnam is hugely under represented (most games having either been WWII or modern combat, and now they seem to be progressing to "mickey mouse" futuristic ideas *coughArma3cough* *coughCoD:AWcough*, and the 'Nam war is the most major conflict since WWII, the war in Iraq/Afghanistan doesn't come close to it and I actually have little interest in playing sims/games set there (in general terms, although I do sometimes wish to emulate the 160th SOAR so I occasionally wish we had a littlebird/MH-60 combat available in DCS)

For WWII air combat I have IL2 1946. Modern air combat I'm nowhere near as enthusiastic about (due to personal views on the differences between modern conflicts and an all out world war as we saw with WWII), however for me, as a Huey fan, I can only dream of a hi-fi sim such as DCS having a full Vietnam map, with a campaign (preferably dynamic) based around chopper operations of that period.

Hell, if the map is correct I'd likely settle for some fictional missions or a campaign based on the exploits of Air America à la Downey Jr and Gibson!

Sadly, I don't think there is the will for anyone to get down and actually do anything but talk about it. The DCS WWII kickstarter as I understand it was a non-starter and ED are now having to pick up the pieces (and are only so far adding the planes haphazardly to DCS, no news of intent to produce period correct theatre maps, to my knowledge), so I doubt a full DCS Vietnam would even get off the ground.

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I agree with Raven on everything.

Honestly if a full Nam map came out - I probably wouldn't play anything else. It would be awesome.

I think we still have hope for a Vietnam map by a Third Party once Edge comes out. Crossing my fingers.
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Old 01-21-2015, 02:38 PM   #97
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Maybe after one or two years after EDGE release, 3rd parties maps will pop out everywhere and some ambitious Vietnam project could emerge... I hope

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I think planes are more important than maps. To me, sand is sand, forest is forest, mountains are mountains and so on. Whether the map labels a town as Las Vegas or Baghdad makes little difference to me, so long as the basic geography is similar. With that said, I think we will see some 3rd party map projects start popping up once edge is released. I suspect there are a few people out there playing DCS that are great at 3d modeling but know nothing about C++ or aeronautical engineering. And so they'll make a map instead of a plane.
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Old 01-30-2015, 11:44 PM   #99
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And added nativement on DCS, with country/textures for the concerned aircraft:





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Old 01-31-2015, 05:09 AM   #100
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FYI, with EDGE, the whole world can be made as one map, so there is basically no limitation to how big a map can be. I dont get how many people seems to have missed this beloved information...

But just becouse it is possible, dont expect ED or anyone to do it, but if you didnt know - Now you do. No limitations in map sizes.
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