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Default lack of Community A4 Scooter in MP

just went through the MP servers and couldnt hardly find any MP servers featuring the community A4 Mod , any explanation why ?
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Because if a server puts that mod in it would force everyone who doesn't have the mod to download it otherwise they can't join.

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Another thought, having it installed causes issues with IC as reported across the forum and most people won’t play on a public server without IC. A private server among a group of friends that wants to use the A4 is of course something different.
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Absolutley, Integrity Check is a must ( when works ) for a public server.
We have already a lot of problem with rubber banding, lags, poor performance, nobody wants see also a "free cheating" server just for play A4 mod.

It's a great mod, and sometimes we do some private session with that, but no intention at all to put on public server.

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I'll add the F-4 to my server the second the IC issue is sorted out. I believe many servers will do that too, so you'll have enough places to fly the F-4. Maybe ED is working on it, who knows.
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It's a very new module so many players don't have it yet. Also there could be some issues that get sorted out in the first few weeks after the release.

Servers that run it could easily lose new and casual players, too.

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We used it but again, it required everyone to have it as well as constantly keep it up to date. Even those with no interest in an A4. If it was made to not be required I'd be happy to put some in but once it's server side it's required, unfortunately.

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