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As Victory has said previously, just don’t use the HUD. I personally never even reference the e bracket.

The only gauges I reference are the AOA indexer and altimeter then my eyes are glued to the meatball.

I got way way better when i just turned off the HUD entirely.
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Originally Posted by Oban View Post
I have a REALLY hard time trimming the F14B for landing, so that the E Bracket and AOAI are correct, super easy in the F18, is this due to FBW, it's like comparing a Scania to a Porche in terms of handling, especially harder since the last FM update.

Tips, other than practice practice practice..

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Don't stress it at the moment - the current slow-speed flight model is incorrect and is being 'tweaked'. So maybe work on other regimes of flight instead in the meantime.
Personally the jet has be shelved until a) The FM is a little more sorted and b) The '50% improvement in VR performance' actually eventuates...oh and c) my Rift S arrives
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Absolutely correct, now is not the time to perfect your recoveries. Habits you learn today might be training scars you need to unlearn next week.

Spend the time learning systems.
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Thanks guys, appreciated

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