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Waiting to Q1 2020 and show the "facts"....
More news to the front
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And I very much hope there will be a nice long list of facts to read :-)
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Goodness, I would think most folks in here realize what EA is with DCS and how long items can remain in EA. Even though I too at times would like to see progress move a little faster, I still love participating in the EA.
Love the anticipation.
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Originally Posted by Hawkeye_UK View Post
I think its unfair to say about manager's - this is a forum and people can raise or voice their feelings/thoughts.

However this has been raised before in terms of concerns. I think the context to this is that people easily forget the community was told earlier this year that the F16 development would in no way affect the rollout or Early Access status of the F18. At the time i think it was fair to say a few of us rolled our eyes and thought that wouldn't be the case which has since proven to be correct.

It is also fair to say that since the end of July there has not really been any major advancements in the Hornet systems for early access and that is a full quarter. There are many outstanding issues and systems that need development, the TGP has had nothing more done and it is currently very basic with key features missing, even the HUD marker. We all know the key systems the hornet drivers are waiting on being TWS, AG radar, TGP completion etc.

The issue as i always say is ED's communication is generally very poor on milestone developments, even if they said Q3/Q4 target date for this or that system its not the time taken its the apparent lack of direction and treating paying customers like mushrooms. This was highlighted about a month ago and we got a brief statement on plans for both the hornet and the viper.

Whilst we are appreciative of this great simulation we should also remember that this is not BMS or community developed and given that it is payware ED should quite rightly have to communicate to their customers like any other commercial venture. It is also correct that they are brought to task when they go back on their promises or don't deliver a system.

Releasing the Viper has clearly annoyed some customers given the broken promise of it not impacting the Hornet. I have also noted numerous people saying that they will no longer purchase the Viper EA because its supporting ED's policy of moving on and not finishing modules, encouraging endless EA and chasing the next cash source - that said without support remember what happened to Mircoprose.....

Excellent reply and well warranted. To demonize the criticisms of paying customers is just sad.
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I also like EA, which is why I bought all the modules under development. But as a customer, I'd like to have the updates released faster.
With the advent of the Viper, I also believed that updates on the various systems, including the Hornet, took place more quickly.
I hope for the future in the most consistent update release.
Go ahead ED!
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Originally Posted by Akula View Post
Excellent reply and well warranted. To demonize the criticisms of paying customers is just sad.

I'm not sure why they just don't go full on Star Citizen at this point, there are enough sycophants to make it work, release some $5000 skin jobs and people will be bending over backwards to thank them.

The deal I can't let go of is that ED has basically admitted that the the $70 or whatever each of us paid for the F-18 was never going to be enough money to complete the project and the only way for this to move forward is to keep shelling out for further projects - which also have no hope of ever being completed.

So keep feeding the monkey or you get nothing.
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I think the question was basically answered, so we can close this thread up, since it just devolved into another argument over Early Access being good or bad and how fast we should get updates and/or a complete module after we pay our discounted EA pre-order or (gasp) full price if we waited until after the release.

Really EA is all about pulling money from he future into the present so they can pay for ongoing development. You really need to want the module or just love ED to buy something in EA, and in addition be happy to wait. No sense complaining. This is complicated software. It’s going to take time. I expect a year at least, personally, with lumpy deliveries along the way. If they’re sharing coding resources between modules, that’s going to be unavoidable unless there is a lot of overlapping shared code between modules. I have a feeling they’re trying to kill two birds with one stone in some cases, but who knows.

IIRC, EA is a major source of revenue for them. Along with just getting noobs to start playing out of the blue, it’s how they pay for core development too, which is probably unwise, but the alternative would be that you’d pay a subscription for the core itself. How’d you like to pay for every DCS core update, as in we get the current download plus new features for a year, then you’re stuck until you renew. Probably should start a new war in a new thread about that thought. LOL.

Loving what they’ve made so far! It’ll get better as long as we shovel money their way.
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If the problem is money. I'd rather pay to play then get incomplete planes.
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I'm up for a subscription model.
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...ED has basically admitted that the the $70 or whatever each of us paid for the F-18 was never going to be enough money to complete the project and the only way for this to move forward is to keep shelling out for further projects - which also have no hope of ever being completed.
So keep feeding the monkey or you get nothing.
Heck, I'd give them another $70 or 700... (naa/maybe) if they guarantied (w/ refund) that I'll be flying a Hornet with fully and properly functioning FCS, especially in PA mode and corrected few quirks with weigh/drag and put that Hornet in a properly functioning carrier environment... by the end of this year. I'll play this exciting waiting game with the rest of the systems.

What!? did I just say that?
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