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Default Which module is the easiest to learn

Ok guys which module is the easiest to fly and learn the systems the yak or the black shark or some other module? I been messing with the huey which isn’t that easy to fly correctly. I spent so much time learning to maneuver the huey that I haven’t has time to learn other things like radio calls, navigation or air to ground combat.

No that I’m getting back into dcs I want to be able to fly complete combat missions but to do that I need to be able to fly something that requires less attention flying so I have the time for radio communications and navigation plus being able to fight.
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For me, the Hornet is one of the easiest to learn. Easy to fly, good autopilot, very legible hud.
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Of hi-fi aircraft modules, is DCS: F-5E. Learn that module, learn how to fly and fight a small fighter, fly in formation,dead reckoning navigation, maneuvering energy management, communications, and almost every other fixed wing module becomes easier to learn. Exception is HarrierII. That module requires unlearning some habits learned in non VTOL fixed wings.
One skill that I wish it had, is in-flight refueling. In real world , in-flight refueling probe, on F-5 was up to operator. However if you can consistently fly in close formation with another aircraft, that is most of skill of in-flight refueling.
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If you want a helicopter I would suggest the KA50. It is a combat gunship designed for a single pilot operation so the autopilot does a lot for you like fliying to a waypoint, maintaining a specific altitud or auto hover while you employ weapons to name a few.

If you are also open to a plane, then the first question is, what do you like more? Modern fighter or old 60/70/80s fighters? And what do you like more Air to air or air to ground.

If you answer those questions for us we could give you a very detailed answer.

For example if is modern fighters and multirole what you like I would definetily recommend you the hornet, easy to fly not so easy to operate (simply because the sheer amount of weapons/systems), or even the viper since having less complete system will give you time to learn the plane as new system are introduced. However if it is ground attack what you are looking for without managing radar and all this stuff then the harrier turns like a nice option.

Of course you have other options like F5, Viggen, FC3...
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I'd say the rule of thumb is the more modern the aircraft is, the more 'detached' you get from flying it, trading it for more involvement in sophisticated systems.
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The F-5E is a rather simple aircraft, which makes it the easiest to learn IMHO (systems and flying).
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If you're interested in light CAS / COIN, the L-39ZA is your bird. Very easy to operate and fly.
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F-5 is the best starter, easy to learn and fun to fly. The Mirage is another very good option, very good A\A.
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L-39C and ZA is definitely a great starter aircraft.
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You ask a strange question: uh-1 Is very quick to learn, but hard to fly.
I'd say uh-1 is simple but difficult.
A-10c Is the perfect opposite: complex but easy.
Ka-50 for example Is complex and difficult (but easier than the huey).
F-5 and mig-21 are - each its way - simple but difficult.
Something simple and easy Is hard to find, since a simpler module (i.e. with less systems to learn) Is also less combat capable (very likely it's simpler because older, so less computerized targeting systems, no hud, no autopilot, just fox2 missiles, only manual aiming with free fall bombs, and so on) and all of this makes It difficult.
Complex systems are there to help the pilot and ease his workload.
Thus you have to choose: spend your time to study a complex module, after that you can enjoy its easyness; or quickly learn a simple module but then spend time to master its difficulty.
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