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Default FW-190 D9 Electric Fuel Pumps bug?

pls delete, i made a new thread to bugs and problems.

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Originally Posted by predattak View Post
I noticed that my engine runs perfectly after turning off the fuel pumps (E13 E14). The fuel gauge indicates that both pumps feed the engine from both tanks at the same time EVEN when one or all of them are turned off.

I cannot control the fuel flow unless i use the fuel selector lever, manual says i should not do that instead i should control the fuel flow with the E13 and E14 breakers.

it's as if the pumps refuse to turn off once you activate them. super frustrating.

Can anyone replicate this on his machine?
Spawn a D9 in air
by default all the pumps will be turned on
monitor the fuel gauge for both tanks, they drain at the same time.
Now turn all pumps off and monitor the fuel gauge again
the same result the fuel will drain from both tanks as if the pumps where working.

Now you can do another thing that proves even more that this is a bug (i really hope it's not but)
Spawn a D9 coldstart
start the plane with only one pump on
fly and monitor the fuel gauge
it should drain fuel only from the tank with the activated pump
not start the second one and stop the first one
you will notice that both pumps cannot be turned off

you can even land the plane and stop the engine, disable all the pumps (it would be impossible to start without at least one activated)
you can start the plane just fine.. as if (and i know i'm repeating myself ) the pumps were on even when they were supposed to be off.
Dont forget about mechanical fuel pumps mounted in engine block.
Try do some positive g maneuvelrs engine should starve of fuel.
I hardly belive that engine uses electric pumps only
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