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Default Building a player base for WW2

Just my 2 cents worth:

We are trying really hard to build a player base for the WW2 multiplayer scene. Running events, running social media.

A big stumbling block is the asset pack. the units are great and it really adds to the immersion but if these units are included in a multiplayer server a lot of potential curious flyers can't take part. They just won't spend $30 on a pack of units for something they will maybe only dip into occasionally.

If it was up to me, I'd make it something like $12 - it IS worth more for those of us who love the warbirds but bringing the price point down to help the warbird online community grow could be a boon.
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100% agree
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Thats a good point, i agree.
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Fully agree on this.
I have NEVER used my asset pack, but with the ww2 stuff getting some eye candy love recently, and some decent aircraft in the pipeline, I will join in.
I know many people that will too, but the asset pack is a tad pricey.
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I've found it really difficult to use Asset Pack in any scenarios, because there's a few people that just don't have them and the backlash on mods or anything not vanilla is really out there and stopping full use of the tools. I look at the bunkers and really want to use them and the other pieces in other eras. But I can't. Building a server base or even a community, as per the title, is really hard and you have to attract people on the edge of joining in from a rather small local pool. The asset pack for me personally is the greatest unused part of DCSW DLC. I've no regrets supporting it or the decision, just I can't use it and I hope ED can find a way that can get more use from it. I don't neccessarily think a price drop will even help. What about bundling it with the A-8 to give a boost?
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well if somebody is willing to spend 80 dollars on a single aircraft, i would wager that the asset pack is a simple buy. It is what it is buy it and join servers that use it, dont buy it and fly servers without it...

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Where does one participate in this? I’ve not done any real MP inDCS, buthave the asset ack and all the WWII planes.
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In fact I'd go as far as to say it should be available to see and destroy on servers, just like how I can see the MiG-21 being flown on MP without having actually purchased it, but when it comes to having to place the units in singleplayer yourself, THAT is where you need to buy the pack to use it.
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