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Default Spitfire Start-up

Nick Grey - "I have had the privilege of flying most marks of Spit, the I, V, IX, XIV, XIX and enjoyed working with Eagle to make this simulation of the IX the 'mutt's nuts'."
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Looks awesome! Both Normandy and the Spitfire!
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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!

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Good God...
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Just freaked out how you guys got the rumble of the merlin just right.
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Awesome video Wags

Thanks for posting SiTh.

One question if I may........the cockpit side hatch, does it open on the DCS Spitfire? I haven't seen one pic of it in an open position yet.
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Just can't wait. The model, cockpit and the map look just great. Starting up seems quite easy. The next step will be trying not to collide during taxi or crashing while taking off
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Wow!!! What a teaser! Now i know why i bought every module, campaign ans terrains!
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