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Default DCS 2.0.2

DCS Changelog

DCS MiG-21bis are not functional until next update.
Sorry for inconvenience.

DCS World
  • New implementation of the integrity check function
  • Spanish names added for the airfields
  • Corrected gun strafing of AI for some cases
  • Corrected of AI group ship attack
  • Triggered messages will not stay in middle part of screen after radio menu has been disappeared
  • Fixed crash after recovering player's aircraft
  • Issue with appearing of briefing images from previous mission fixed
  • 3rd parties radar detect late activation aircraft before they are activated fixed
  • MP. Added Input adjustment panel
  • ME. Fog Thickness slider restored
  • Player aircraft will not explode when reach negative altitude
  • IR missile will lock illumination munitions
  • Simulation will not be affected by key commands during adjusting procedure into an input adjusting game panel
  • ATGM BGM-71E. Tuned performance. Max range about 3800m, motor time 1.5 sec, life time 23 sec.
  • SA-15, Tor SAM. Increased max range param at low altitude.
  • Added SF DRM panel call button in the module manager
  • Georgian mandad SAM corrected
  • Multidisplay function corrected
  • Fixed crash caused destruction of static object by script
  • Mission resources (triggers) will be cleaned during mission exit to avoid conflict with the follow-up mission
  • ME. Added possibility to select of parking place to aircraft after landing

  • Corrected input of speedbrakes in Game Mode (Easy Avionics)
  • Added M-117 bombs
  • Control stick gun trigger will have two-stage
  • Added corrected flight manuals EN and RU
  • Added training missions
  • Landing gear emergency implemented
  • Corrected Hellenic Air Force skins
  • Guns heating and cooling adjusted
  • Input presets for "SideWinder FFB 2" fixed
  • Landing gear indicators corrected
  • AN/ARN-6 Radio Compass Panel corrected
  • Throttle and wing flaps lever corrected
  • Added parking brake
  • Added missing "0" position to Mach meter
  • Airspeed indicator errors fixed
  • Input for manual ranging control corrected
  • Mach number indicator needle movement corrected
  • Added clickable and input for G-Limit Indicator Light
  • Added input for warning and emergency switches on oxygen panel

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • Synced radiator flaps of clients in MP
  • Canopy will be opened after repair
  • The weight of MW50 mixture will be accounting in the aircraft weight

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • The weight of MW50 mixture will be accounting in the aircraft weight

  • Su-25. Misaligned the reticle of gunsight and actual aim point is fixed
  • F-15C. Aircraft centreline symbol on HUD corrected
  • MiG-29. G/AoA limit sounds corrected
  • Su-25. Corrected Mode switch on the stick
  • Su-27. Added airframe damage by high overloads
  • F-15C. Occasionally hang-up during mission loading fixed

DCS MiG-15bis
  • Added padlock

DCS L-39
  • L-39ZA: Radio button on throttle will clickable
  • Corrected views during ejecting sequence
  • Corrected flaps animation
  • Flaps position indication in the status bar corrected

  • Engine failure trigger corrected
  • Cargo rope will appears correct for new client
  • Option "Mirrors" added

DCS Ka-50
  • Damaging the right side will not always causes both hydros to fail
  • Shkval TV will be affected by candle (illumination) munitions
  • Added Russian localisation to Republic campaign

  • Fixed missing recoil on right minigun

  • Fixed bug that cause server crash when client takes Stinger SAM

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Rear canopy works correctly now.
  • Toe brakes animation added.
  • Rear pilot head animation corrected, now reacts correctly to turns.
  • Added RU localization.
  • Added RU missions.
  • Several localization issues corrected.
  • Mirror mechanism corrected.

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
  • Updated cockpit textures – Set High, Medium or Low in Options, Special, Hawk tab. (High – 4096, Medium – 2048, Low 1024)
  • EFM fully integrated.
  • Set wheel brake left and right in Axis options - Nose wheel steering has been removed.
  • Toe brakes and rudder pedals animated.
  • Parking brake added.
  • Trim can be set using keyboard, joystick or using the switches in cockpit.
  • Rudder and aileron trim gauges animated.
  • Brake pressure gauges animated.
  • Keyboard control inputs working - throttle, pitch, roll and yaw.
  • Oxygen hypoxia effect tweaked.
  • Anti-skid function added – default operation is off until entering runway.
  • Pitot heat function updated.
  • Standby (emergency) brake and flaps functions added.
  • Visual buffeting added for stall and over-speed.
  • Low level high speed ground effect added (wind must be set in mission)
  • EFM damage model implemented; when aircraft section destroyed, EFM is affected.
  • Aircraft no longer hovers above ground when gears damaged.
  • Auto-start sequence (Left Win+Home) updated to remove rotation light.
  • Auto-stop sequence (Left Win+End) updated.
  • Auto-start/stop sequence added to joystick assignments (under cheat section).
  • Updated cockpit textures High/Medium/Low. Set your preferred level in Options, Special, Hawk tab.
  • Radios partially functional; Ground crew and UHF AM New cockpit sounds.
  • New engine sounds.
  • Additional bugs no doubt introduced.
  • Aim-9M LAU-7 pylon added. Mission designers need to update their missions for this change.
  • Sidewinder tone for seek and lock now working.
  • Aden gun pod added, UPK removed. Mission designers need to update their missions for this change.
  • Single and Quickstart Missions updated for Aden.
  • Gun switch "on" will now open the gun switch cover on the joystick.
  • Weapons panel hot or missile panel hot will open fire button cover on joystick.
  • Air start option – Weapons now armed.
  • F2 view; flaps and RPM indicator now working.
  • Kneeboard joystick assignment for mark position and page changes fixed.
  • Detached Det cord showing inside of canopy now removed.
  • Training Start-up mission updated for EFM functions.
  • Safety pins removed by default.
  • Backlighting on main panel altered.
  • Engine Start/Re-light button clickable added to throttle model in-sim (click to start GTS).
  • Updated click spots to move with throttle movement.
  • Various texture label updates in cockpit.

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
  • Added ECLAIR pod (not yet functional)
  • Added electrical power distribution network
  • Added electrical power damage handler
  • Added M-2000C options section
  • Added canopy jettison lever
  • Added QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) power switch
  • Added nozzle efficiency loss calculations for non-ideal nozzle positions
  • Added emergency engine control logic for nozzle
  • Added separate bindings for flashlight and panel lights toggle
  • Added separate braking power logic between all wheels (full brake) vs.
  • just main wheels (half brake)
  • Added rearm functionality for parachute (may change after ECLAIR implemented, ECLAIR incompatible with parachute)
  • Added animation for canopy lever
  • Added cannon safety switch
  • Added radio repeater lights
  • Updated electrical system (more like completely rebuilt), still WIP
  • Updated gear suspension behavior to react more like reference videos
  • Updated direct control algorithm
  • Updated aero performance based on acceleration timing
  • Updated and increased braking power to correct values
  • Updated anti-skid logic for much better landing, takeoff, and taxi control
  • Updated control effectiveness tuning for more edge conditions
  • Updated autopilot behavior for correct logic (need to update manual for new behavior)
  • Updated drag calculations at high alpha/pitch rate
  • Updated weight-on-wheels (WoW) sensor logic
  • Updated FBW sensor parameters
  • Updated device initialization priority
  • Updated cockpit model and textures
  • Updated collision model
  • Fixed canopy lever getting into awkward and uncomfortable situations
  • Fixed AI no longer has landing lights on through gear when gear goes up
  • Fixed automatically leaving APP mode to show Jx (chevron) when touching down after landing
  • Fixed doubled mass consumption rate in external wing tanks
  • Fixed strobe light timing
  • Fixed duplicate binding for navigation and formation lights
  • Fixed navigation light toggle functionality
  • Fixed VTB roll indicator only going half of roll
  • Fixed clock to show correct GMT time
  • Fixed AI SFM fuel consumption
  • Fixed wheel brake axis only using 50% of values
  • Fixed wheel brake instability and steering issues
  • Fixed uncommanded pitch up behavior off takeoff or in steep climb
  • Fixed uncommanded pitch behavior in high roll rate
  • Fixed direct control behavior to reduce control sluggishness
  • Fixed fuel bingo interpreted incorrectly at low commanded values
  • Fixed select altitude autopilot behavior and interpretation of commanded values
  • Fixed on-ground engine RPM
  • Fixed N dial readability issues
  • Fixed some switch covers intersecting switches
  • Fixed cockpit pressure gauge using incorrect parameter
  • Fixed reference wing area for SFM (AI)
  • Fixed nozzle position logic for correct behavior
  • Fixed wrong limit on VOR/ILS frequency
  • Fixed SEC CALC switch model
  • Fixed annunciator panel label from TRN to TR
  • Fixed emergency throttle model
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The 2.0.2 version has a high CPU usage problem. We are working on a fix. Please do not update to this version a while.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Corrected DCS is published already.
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Default DCS World 2.0.2 Update 1

DCS World Update 1 changelog

The early access to DCS SA342 Gazelle beta by Polychop Simulation!

DCS World
  • Fixed crash on AI helicopters taxiing
  • MP. Fixed crash with reloading new mission on server
  • MP. Fixed a server crash caused by client connection during server exiting
  • GUI error when click restart a campaign fixed
  • Nellis and MaCaran ATCs will work

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
  • Crash to desktop fixed
  • GTS start joystick and keyboard assignment fixed
  • Toe brake assignments to controller fixed
  • Radio crash to desktop fixed
  • Textures set to medium by default instead of high
  • Engine and cockpit sounds have been tweaked
  • Anti-skid on by default with warm start
  • Sidewinder seek tone fixed
  • VHF AM radios fixed
  • Stock missions updated for radios

  • Corrected mirror option
  • Ground personnel can hear pilot with opened blister

DCS C-101
  • VSI fixed.
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Default DCS World 2.0.3


Synchronisation with DCS 1.5.4
F-5E integrated.

DCS World
  • F10 map aspect fixed for multimonitor configuraton
  • Automatic guns accuracy corrected
  • EN, RU, ES localization updated
  • Fixed Xbox360 controller bug
  • UH-1, Mi-8. Fixed issue with absent crosshair on cargo indicator at small display resolutions
  • Wrong second track replay probably fix
  • ME. Lost audiofile-name from trigger action fixed
  • Corrected Japan database entry
  • Fw 190 & Bf 109 MW50 tank contents will change aircraft weight
  • MP. On the screenshots will be visible not only first line of multiplayer chat
  • Added auto mapping axes to X-55 Rhino
  • Fixed crash in Weather.dll
  • Fix of late activated ground units that did not start after activation
  • Conflict of cockpit skins of A-10C and F-86 fixed
  • Multiplayer. New integrity check system
  • Multiplayer. Reworked aircraft motion algorithms to improve resistance to lags
  • Multiplayer. Added an input adjustment possibility
  • New Campaign Builder design with multi language support
  • ME. Payload panel. Added skin preview in the 3D view
  • ME. Added new trigger UNIT’S ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation argument for any 3D model in mission
  • ME. Added new trigger PLAYER’S UNIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE for checking animation arguments for player’s 3D model of unit in mission
  • ME. Added the ability to place helicopters on the ground for the cold and hot start
  • Encyclopedia. New 3D view
  • Options panel. New design
  • Support of hot plug of input devices now
  • Module manager. Added DRM button for activation/deactivation
  • Returned moon in the sky
  • Corrected animation of airshow cone
  • Oculus Rift. RadioCommunications and triggered messages menu font increased
  • Oculus Rift. Kneeboard and terrain clipping issues fixed
  • Oculus Rift. Oculus Zoom action added to "UI layer" input options
  • Oculus Rift. VR settings can now be applied without restarting GUI
  • AI aircraft with type "uncontrolled" will able start from an aircraft carrier
  • Restored wingtip trails of propeller driven aircraft. Humidity factor added
  • Encyclopedia. Missing 3D models for Weapon category added
  • AI aircraft. The visible restrictions of sensors will not inherit from previous mission. Example: if previous mission was at night the optical sensors will not have very limited range in the next daylight mission.
  • Updated MiG-29A model.
  • Empty "type" unit in ME and immortals this unit in sim (when launch mission_ver153 on branch 154)
  • Crash during bombing buildings fixed
  • User snapview saving restored
  • Crash while changing options fixed
  • In-cockpit TrackIR functionality corrected. Influence of mouse and default camera position was switched off.
  • AI B-1 and F-14 will not be able to fly without wing
  • Damaged AI aircraft will return to the nearest airfield
  • Corrected dogfight logic of AI WWII fighters
  • Sun will not be visible through objects and cockpit
  • Manpad AI will not ignore time for lock target
  • Fixed bug with all single fired shells, they will not fly-trough targets
  • Multiplayer. Server list sorting restored
  • GUI. Menu music will not restarts when changing activity in the menu
  • GUI. AIM-9M/P will be available in payload panel
  • AIM-9P updated 3D model
  • AIM-9P5 missile was introduced. The missile has more advanced, all-aspect guidance seeker compared to the 9P variant. Decreased flares sensivity. Increased energy.
  • Su-25T. ECM will not work without ECM pod installed
  • Track IR. Add option “TrackIR external views” enable/disable
  • Track IR. Vertical angle origin takes into account
  • GUI. Open/save dialogs will work faster
  • Input. Cell with keyboard/joystick combo will able to select after axis command has been assigned
  • Video recording function restored
  • A-10's AIM-9 missile mount corrected
  • Mortars will fire
  • Encyclopedia. Added some new weapon articles
  • ATGM Vikhr will not be drop out of guidance channel with sidewind
  • Su-25T. Added animation of baro altimeter failure flag
  • Input chat commands moved to separate UI layer

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • VSI fixed
  • Fixed markers lights test function.
  • Canopy functionality fixed
  • TARSYN synchronization panel clickability fixed
  • Annunciator panel fixed (front and rear)
  • Added canopy reflection effect (WIP)
  • Fixed seat adjustment switch (rear cockpit)
  • Fixed rear cockpit animation
  • Fixed red colour smoke
  • Fixed some cockpit textures
  • Fixed some external model bugs
  • Fixed Gun Pods code for CC
  • Corrected mirror far vision.
  • Modified Special Options interface according to new appearance.
  • Changed EB and CC available tasks in ME.
  • Added CC Sea Eagle missile launch capability for AI.

DCS Hawk by VEAO
  • Falling-out-the-sky issue resolved.
  • W key fixed – both toe brakes on.
  • Fuel burn refined.
  • Sight glass 3D object fixed – work in progress.
  • Sight glass holders transparency fixed.
  • TrackIR view limits set.
  • Canopy glass external model more transparent.
  • Brake pressure increased to hold aircraft on full power.
  • Parking brake keyboard and joystick shortcuts set (LCTRL+W = off, RCTRL+W = on).
  • Flaps changed default to F = next detent, LSHIFT+F = previous detent and renamed to Flaps group.
  • Controls indicator now shows with RCtrl+Enter (WIP).
  • Weapons selector has been fixed.
  • Flaps and gear down affect flight model better.
  • Rudder yaw sensitivity has been tweaked.
  • Aden gun pod texture updated.

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
  • FM Bug fixes
  • Magic not firing bug fix
  • STT radar lock loss bug fix
  • OBL INS Update
  • CCRP TAS bug fix

DCS L-39
  • L-39ZA. PUS-0 lamp logic for bombs corrected
  • L-39ZA. SERIES-2-4 rockets switch logic corrected
  • L-39ZA. Hardpoint lamp indicators logic corrected
  • AWACS item added to radiomenu
  • L-39ZA manual. Corrected the weapon status panel description
  • Fix of causeless fire in the hangar and formation below other aircraft
  • Added gauges with imperial scales
  • L-39ZA. Gunsight will be always functional, independently by mount/unmount checkbox for L-39C.

  • Fixed bug with WP bearing displays on HUD
  • Oxygen QTY pointer will move not discrete when test oxygen button depressed

  • Add new liveries (Canada,US Air Force (Green),US Air Force (Skyblazers),US Air Force (Squadron 39)

  • Su-27. CN Flight Manual updated
  • Flaming Cliffs. Error when DRM button pressed fixed
  • Su-27. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed

  • Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
  • The hints now in Kneeboard (later it will fully removed from screen)
  • Fixed crash when player helicopter with selected cargo is destroyed

  • Some improvements and bug fixes for Sling load operations
  • The hints (about Weapon status, sling load status) now replaced to Kneeboard
  • Now the ground crew can be called without setting an intercom, but opened Window
  • R-863 in default is tuned on ME frequency
  • Default position of the switch ДЕНЬ-НОЧЬ depends on the time of day
  • Fixed failures in ME
  • Added view on Cargo from pilot seats (LShift + LAlt + С), will tuned later
  • Fixed mirrors status during mission start
  • Parking brake fixed
  • After Hot start: pitot heating initialize, SARPP init state, Air Inlet Particle Separator System is initialize, GMC-1A already slaved
  • Human radio modulation changed to AM
  • Tail Rotor Control Failure, repair fixed
  • Add animation for Rotor Swash Plate and TailRotor Hub
  • Fixed crash when player helicopter with selected cargo is destroyed

DCS SA342 by Polychop
  • Added SA342L model featuring Gun, Rockets, new camera with only daytime view, no NVG, rockets recoil to be corrected later
  • Added SA342L separated manual
  • Now both internal cockpit pilots bodies can be hidden using RShift+P key in sequence
  • Corrected Flight Model in turns
  • Corrected Flight Model in dives
  • Corrected HOT3 missile to explode as soon as wire is cut
  • Corrected Rotor torque behavior depending on speed
  • Corrected pitch and roll stick sensitivity
  • Corrected helicopter skids behavior at ground
  • Now helicopter can land in grass
  • Now external pilots bodies don't show when helicopter is set as uncontrolled in ME
  • External copilot body is still visible when helicopter is set as static in ME, will be fixed later
  • Corrected campaign missions to keep player current stage
  • Corrected COMB warning at Alarm panel and manual accordingly
  • Corrected Flares now reload when rearming
  • Corrected Engine sound not to change while in Torque test
  • Corrected Trimming with Magnetic brake
  • Corrected wool wire to correctly reflect wind direction
  • Corrected NADIR VENT parameter to display absolute direction the wind comes from
  • Corrected SAS authority during turns

DCS MiG-21bis by Leatherneck
  • Tuned Engine for acceleration & climb performance adherance.
  • ASP Reticle offset fix for windy conditions

DCS Black Shark
  • Animation of ejection sequence fixed
  • Parking brake fixed
  • Aircraft repair will working on FARP

DCS Combined Arms
  • VR corrected
  • Ground vehicles will not call dust effect from concrete surfaces

DCS F-5E Tiger II. The list of bugs found in 1.5.4 version and fixed in 2.0.3.
  • AIM-9P5 missile corrected
  • AA1/DG mode tuned
  • HUD circle tuned in MSL mode
  • Damage model corrected
  • Auto lock corrected in MSL mode
  • DCS crushing on using GUNS fixed
  • Fix G-limited indication in MSL mode
  • Fix aircraft behavior at IDLE Engines on high-altitude airfields
  • Fix Choсks animation linked to canopy animation on net phantom
  • Added possibility to change laser code for GBU-12
  • Added laser code for GBU-12 to kneeboard
  • Smoke engines adjustment
  • Added LAU-68 for FFAR
  • Mk5 FFAR HEAT - improved FM
  • Rocket rotation frequency adjustment
  • Dispersion of FFAR increased
  • Fix Radar "In Range" indicator doesn't flash when below minimum range
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DCS Update 1

DCS World

Fixed crash after exit from multiplayer.
Fixed black screen on second mission run after change MSAA.
Labels format now forced in multiplayer game from mission file (custom labels script should be added to mission file manually).
Trimmer method now selecting correctly for FFB and nonFFB devices.
DCS can be closed by Alt+F4 combo (need to add ‘respect_alt_f4 = true’ line to autoexec.cfg).
VOR now works on NTTR map.
Added DRM control buttons for paid campaigns.
Encyclopedia: R4M rockets description added.

DCS Bf‐109 K‐4

Module is in release status now.
Added new skins.


Fixed missing wing tank pylon textures on some LODs.

DCS F‐5E Tiger II

Fixed wind calculation in FM.
Radio channel presets now loading in a prepared mission.
Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel chart.
Tail position light now flashing on net phantom.


Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel chart.

Fixed crash when repair.
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Default DCS 2.0.3 Update 2

DCS Update 2

DCS World
  • Crash server and client in multiplayer when another client occupies manpad unit is fixed
  • IC will not be cheated by unregistered mods
  • External model draw arguments accessible from Export.lua
  • Fixed the issue with artillery that not open fire in some places
  • Added RU phrases for ground air supply
  • MP. Added info about difficulties setting on the server
  • Kneeboard. Added support of localized folder inside mission
  • Mid-range missile hit will not always causes to full aircraft destruction
  • Ground units. Fixed issue with shells that flying through target without collision
  • China unit system will be in metric
  • China's assets callsign format shown in ME is corrected
  • MP. Fixed issue with difficult to close of chat window
  • AA missiles will not dive after miss

  • Su-25. Radar altimeter pointer corrected
  • Su-25. The boom of opened canopy corrected
  • FC3 aircraft. An enabling of cockpit lights at night by default fixed
  • Su-27/33 indication corrected
  • Fixed issue with China a/c radio without audio

DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop
  • New same sight for both gun and rockets
  • Corrected VRS
  • Corrected Mistral Missile performances
  • Corrected issue with rearming Mistral version
  • Corrected issue with Yugoslav livery
  • Fixed game crash when crashing mistral version or swapping from mistral version to another helicopter
  • Corrected main alarm lamp to switch off with fuel lever full forward position
  • Changed some cockpit instrument glasses for compatibility with external mods
  • Fixed instruments internal lights
  • Now Copilot is no more be able to engage Autopilot Slaved mode, in multicrew
  • Added FFB feature, still WIP

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
  • Changed default FOV to 150 degrees
  • Fixed side-slip ball while flying inverted.
  • Adjusted flight dynamics with drag chute deployed.
  • Corrected check warning lights button on landing gear panel causing the intake nose cone to extend.
  • Redefined ventilation lever from axis to lever.
  • Adjusted fuel set knob animation assignment to controller rotaries.
  • Adjusted ASP rotary inputs for controller devices.
  • Fixed trigger zone of canopy ventilation system handle.
  • Fixed canopy visibility and animation after rearm/repair.
  • Fixed when AI only fires S-5M rockets in pairs.
  • Corrected R-60M’s all aspect seeker-head.
  • Increased nose cone damage value.
  • Optimized LODs.
  • Added VVS Metal livery.
  • Fixed fuel tank pylons’ texture.
  • Fixed Southeria livery’s unweathered left wing.
  • Created new specular textures for metal and painted liveries.
  • Created normal bump textures for visible damage.
  • Corrected UV mapping on windscreen.
  • Corrected normals’ orientation on static center airbrake.
  • Fixed alpha channel presets for landing gear chocks. Holes now show.
  • Remodeled tires’ animation and damaged looks.
  • Animated engine fan blades.
  • Removed canopy covers for further testing with end-of-shutdown animation.
  • Disabled intake relief and spill doors’ visibility arguments for further testing.
  • Partially fixed two primary engine sounds at mission start.

DCS L-39
  • L-39ZA. A gun smoke texture will not be visible without shooting
  • Pilot textures corrected
  • L-39C. Fixed bug with the weapon panel bomb lamps are not lit, when bombs are on the hardpoints
  • L-39ZA. Gun moment is zeroize
  • Pitot dyn slowdown speed calculation fix

  • Cyrillic characters on the few cockpit warning lights was replaced in the English cockpit

DCS Bf 109 K-4
  • Electrical gauges will depend of electric power
  • Reworked control surfaces deflection saturation to a clamping behaviour
  • Fixed surface degradation upon detachment of control surfaces, redesigned axis-driven elevator trim behaviour
  • Added zero tick to trim scale

  • Fixed through hole on external model
  • CHAFF/FLARE dispenser is available by default during air start
  • Fuel tanks will be available for repair
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DCS World Update 3

DCS World
  • Fixed GUI error when choosing a place in the supply list.
  • Fixed explosion sounds after mission restart
  • Fixed FPS drop when using RADAR
  • Corrected score points for Armed House 2 (10 instead of 100)
  • No more Thrustmaster HOTAS, XBox 360, Cobra axis stuck when player moves it quickly
  • AI weird behavior at the mission start fixed
  • Fixed DCS World crash when unactivated module started
  • F10 Map view and clickable area fixed in multimonitor configuration
  • Scale icon removed from Campaign window

  • Net phantom extrapolator improved
  • Server always get all network events to get game statistics.
  • Export API: a way to get own unit type implemented even when allow_ownship_export is turned off in server settings

  • Fixed random crash on exit from mission

Bf 109 K-4
  • Slats movement fixed
  • DE Fw-190 Quick Start manual filename corrected
  • 2 dogfight skin added

  • Speed calculation with rain fixed
  • Livery changing on different LODs fixed
  • Fixed random crash on exit from mission
  • Fixed crash on restart Instant Action missions

  • Trimmer mode option added (now the same as Mi-8 )

  • Position indicator (ИП-52) color corrected

  • Fixed flap assignment for HOTAS Warthog

  • added separate mode for M-2000c ground ranging
  • TAS (radar ranging) upgrade.
  • AG gunsight upgrade.
  • HSI VAD enabled.
  • WP display on VTB bug fix.
  • OBL not displaying bug fix.
  • TAS for OBL/IP bug fix.
  • RWR Threat library updated
  • RWR Sounds updated
  • RWR Launch detection mode enabled
  • Radar NCTR library included
  • Radar NCTR enabled
  • Decoy release program enabled.
  • Built-in Jammer upgraded.
  • New keyboard bindings.
  • INS N.DEG light bug fixed
  • Bullseye coordinates fixed
  • INS "Always Aligned" not working bug fixed
  • Radar CCM bug fixed
  • DRM button added to Module Manager

  • Smoke pylon added (pylon 6) within the body of the aircraft
  • Smokewinders removed from pylon 3 (fuselage) and added to pylon 6 on weapon loadout in mission editor (Note:
  • AI smoke functional, player smoke still bugged and working on)
  • DRM button added to Module Manager.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
  • Fixed radar causing FPS loss and/or occasional crash.
  • Fixed SRZO IFF causing a crash.
  • Increased roll rate.
  • Improved AFM flaps & airbrakes’ logic.
  • Improved AFM on supercritical AoA
  • Corrected vertical tail & rudder efficiency on critical and supercritical AoA
  • DRM button added to Module Manager


General changes:
  • Reworked cockpit structure.
  • Radios (VHF, UHF, intercom) implementation. Front and rear cockpit.
  • New cockpit (knobs, oxygen system, tap on glass...) realistic sounds. Front and rear cockpit.
  • Tweaked AI takeoff performance.
  • Modified mirror vision.
  • All front cockpit devices can be now assigned to keyboard and joystick commands. WIP for rear cockpit.
  • Fixed clock set functionality - no more chronometer reset occurs.
  • Altimeters now change their indication without a noticeable lag, when a new baro pressure is set.
  • Altimeters read negative values.
  • FIRE TEST function was fixed.
  • DC power check was added to the gear handle logic (gear is controlled by solenoid), and to the gear downlock override button (the handle downlock can't be overridden without electric power).
  • Gear downlock override button got a safety wire, which can be overridden by 2-seconds press and hold.
  • Rebuilt 3D model and textures of magnetic compass.
  • Ability to transmit/receive T-tone.
  • Separate used fuel calculation for front and rear cockpits.
  • Fixed clock rewind/set lever.
  • Altimeter and clock knobs animation adjusted.
  • Changed engine smoke level (thickness).
  • Altimeter baro set knob is mechanically linked to the pointer/counter system. The baro set knob stops if indication reaches its min/max possible displayed values (from -1000 to 59980 ft). The baro set knob operation is independent in each cockpit.
  • CODE OFF altimeter flag is animated smoothly now.
  • Airspeed pointers animated smoothly now. I.e. no more jumps from zero to the minimum displayed airspeed.
  • Mach scale is properly animated. Its end (.9) is visible in the window when aircraft is on ground.
  • Working R/T flag on ADI in both cockpits.
  • R/T and backup ADI OFF flags were animated smoothly.
  • Fixed Slip animation.
  • Airspeed pointers and counters will be initialized correctly at hot start.
  • Some liveries and textures corrected.
  • Fixed excessive accelerometer oscillations at takeoff.
  • Fixed backup attitude indicator when its power was set off.
  • Fixed EN and ES training missions for new EB cockpit.
  • Updated quickstart and single missions according to multilingual system. Added CN. Training missions remain with old system, in a separate locale folder.
  • Fuel reset knob animation was inverted.
  • DRM button added to Module Manager
Rear cockpit functionality added:
  • Gear downlock override button.
  • Gear warning mute button.
  • Flap switch. Plus animation was made smooth in both cockpits.
  • Oxygen system main supply lever.
  • Oxygen system pressure warning switch (specific for the rear cockpit).
  • 'Antiskid' korry button.
  • 'Fail/Caution/Fire' korry buttons.
  • Cockpit Illumination system.
  • Rear cockpit integration of N1, N2, EGT, oil temperature, oil pressure + rear cockpit circuit breakers and indicators' brightness control. Smooth animation applied to them.
  • Fuel flow, voltmeter and hydraulics pressure complete.
  • Used fuel reset and fuel flow test buttons.
  • Implemented VSI and g meter.
  • Rear cockpit clock.
  • Working backup ADI and turn/slip indicator (including the circuit breaker).
  • Working antiskid Korry button.
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DCS World 2.5: Часто задаваемые вопросы

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Default DCS 2.0.4


DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map - Extension Pack

Known issues: DCS Gazelle not working, will be fixed soon

DCS World
  • ME. Attack point circle on the map restored
  • Debriefing. The duplicate tasks and aircraft names in the General Debriefing Data will be filtered
  • Added clickable radio-menu
  • AI UH-1H will not able to fly with broken tail rotor
  • MP. Added keyboard shortcut (F5) to refresh a list of servers in the lobby
  • MP. Lobby. The task column was replaced with an airfield column.
  • MP. Fixed bug that causes a no restriction movement of F11 view after ESC pressing
  • Simulation ESC menu. Added Audio Option panel button
  • Simulation ESC menu. Added Quit to Desktop button
  • Crash when trying to take control (jump into) of AI helicopter with vertical velocity more than 2 m/s has been fixed
  • Mission Generator. GUI Error when trying to change the starting position of vehicle company has been fixed
  • MP. Player kick button will visible only on server
  • The LOD of destroyed Kamaz-43101 model has been fixed
  • MP. Increased default timeouts to 300 seconds
  • MP. Network protocol changed (version 2.0.4 incompatible with 2.0.3)
  • Added new 3D models: KRAZ truck and Merkava 4 MBT.
  • Il-78 tanker. Added lights animation to UPAZ refueling pod.
  • Playable aircraft will not explode when reach negative altitude
  • Bug causing some buildings invisible to client and host is fixed
  • AI wingman will not fly away from the map after tanker destruction
  • Name of airfields in the radio menu corrected
  • “On Shot” trigger will work with manpads

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
  • Aden gun pod fire and ejector positions updated.
  • Brake pressure gauges now functional.
  • Transponder panel now active (for future functionality).
  • Gun and stores stick flaps animated correctly.
  • External textures optimized.
  • Kneeboard updated for authentic Hawk checklists (see install instructions in kneeboard folder).
  • New Nevada airfields and beacons for TACAN, VOR and ILS added.
  • Rear seat switching implemented for single player including functionality:
  • Press 2 and 1 to switch cockpits (can also assign to joystick).
  • Click spots updated for rear seat functionality.
  • Flap and gear control (clickable and joystick) implemented, including emergency flap and gear.
  • Flap and gear indicators functional.
  • Hydraulics and brake pressure gauges implemented.
  • Parking brake, Anti-Skid, Oxygen switch and AC/DC buttons all implemented.
  • HSI, Standby ADI, DGI and pressure settings switches, buttons and knobs functionality implemented.
  • All rear cockpit dash gauges implemented.
  • HSI Tacan / ILS navigation and glideslope functions implemented.
  • Beacon light and test implemented.
  • Accelerometer reset implemented.
  • CWP indicators functional including test switch.
  • Attention light reset switches implemented.
  • Land/Taxi light switch implemented.
  • Cockpit lighting switches, including dimmers, implemented.
  • Cockpit lighting WIP for FPS improvements.
  • CCS box implemented; VHF/UHF/ILS/Tacan (tune radios in front cockpit).
  • Canopy locking lever and safety catch implemented. Note: there is no grab handle in the back, press LCtrl+C to close or front cockpit grab handle).
  • Engine start / re-light sequence implemented. You can start the jet from the back but some switches in front need to be set (Ignition, Battery, LP Fuel Cock and Fuel Pump).
  • Weapons indicator panel functional and tied to front cockpit switch functionality (indicator lights show what has been set in the front).
  • Weapon override switch functional (set to override to disable firing of weapons).
  • Weapon jettison button functional.
  • Multi-Crew:
  • Ability to ride-along in the rear seat in Player 2 slot on multi-player servers.
  • New night lighting implemented in both cockpits.

DCS Ka-50
  • Bug with ABRIS that Eastings coordinates off by 1 degree has been fixed
  • Animation of ejection sequence fixed
  • Parking brake fixed
  • Fire exhaust effect for Ka-50's APU has been added
  • Searchlight will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer

DCS L-39
  • Anti-ice system switch will be OFF at cold start
  • ADI failure lamp will lit when AC power is missing
  • Corrected latitude value on GMK-1
  • Cockpits sounds will depend of corresponding canopy state, forward cockpit by forward canopy and rear cockpit by rear canopy.
  • Emergency generator extension will be visible on net phantoms.
  • RadioCommandDialogPanel error when MP client second time occupied the rear cockpit has been fixed

  • Steerpoint marker on HUD will not floating
  • The parasitic elements of external 3D model were removed from cockpit
  • Fixed click sound for some cockpit switches
  • UHF radio tone sound will not heard without electrical power
  • TAD symbols will not disappearing
  • Second AIM-9 missile will have a seeker indication on HUD

  • Inverted spin has been simulated.
  • UHF Radio - Hinged Access Door will be opened.
  • AIM-9 tone will not be heard if both wingtips gone off.
  • Landing gear audible warning will be heard when warning test switch enabled.
  • TACAN channel selector animation corrected.
  • Fixed RWR sound issues with new contacts.
  • Wing bend and twist due to G-loads has been corrected.
  • Changing TACAN channel will not interrupt current radio chat.
  • Input: Added some axis commands for TDC, rudder trim, lights etc.
  • With the start in the air the F-5E will be trimmed on the assigned speed like it is implemented for all other aircraft.
  • Aileron limiter now disabled at cold start.
  • Single player missions added.
  • Added inert and training stores.
  • Added wing damage with high G overload.
  • Drag chute can not be fully deployed without any airstream.
  • Drag chute model corrected.
  • Fixed missing right wing light halo
  • Corrected training missions triggers (setting course).
  • Some corrections to Flight Manual
  • Added pilot to cockpit
  • Fixed fuel pressure lights simultaneously going off after single engine start
  • Fixed oxygen pressure gage showing 0 after turning off supply lever
  • Fixed chaff program execution when single flare is selected
  • Added IFF input commands

DCS F-86
  • Fixed incorrect effect of flap deflection on pitching moment

  • Su-33: Autopilot mode indication will work
  • Su-33. Digital fuel indicator repaired
  • Su-25T. Engine sound will not disappear in cockpit when RPM<36% and RPM>98%
  • F-15C. The override possibility of TWS 30 degree scan to 60 degree scan has been eliminated
  • F-15C. TDC will not be slewed by mouse to outside the scan zone
  • Su-27. Incorrect indication of fuel quantity when starting in air has been fixed
  • Su-27. Flight control system with AOA and G-limiter has been adjusted
  • Su-27. Autopilot has been adjusted
  • Su-27. Tires strength has been adjusted

DCS Fw 190 D-9
  • Pilot model in cockpit is able to be disabled
  • The decreasing of fuel via refueling dialog will not affect to MW50 quantity
  • Keyboard commands for reticle brightness control has been Inverted

  • Player's role changing will be reproduced in track
  • External F2 camera will do not zooming out on certain angles
  • The missing a pilot's skin fragments were restored
  • Side machineguns control by TrackIR and mouse has been refactored
  • ‘Hot start’ fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer
  • Search and landing lights will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer

  • Autopilot yaw channel and pedals keyboard control has been reverted
  • Taxi & landing lights will enabled when hot start on ground at night
  • APU exhaust fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
New items not present in latest 1.5.5 version:
  • Added provisional kneeboard with C-101EB checklist.
  • Finished rear cockpit fuel and engine panels.
  • Coded landing lights switches for rear cockpit.
  • Coded rear cockpit pitot heat korry button.
  • Fixed korry covers (now you need to open the cover to be able to click the korry).
  • Fixed batteries 50ºC temperature korry indication for rear cockpit.
  • TACAN X/Y channel have got click sound.
  • Rear cockpit emergency canopy lever coded.
  • Pitot heat and engine anti-ice systems will reset their state when power is lost.
  • TACAN control panel switches and Intercom TCN knobs are properly set up now at mission start.
  • Fixed animation for TACAN X/Y channel knob and indication.

Items already present in latest 1.5.5 version:
  • Reworked EB stall system test and indication (AOA/STALL warning light will now lit only when stall system is OFF or when the system is in test. Normal system operation, when AOA is over limit - pedals vibration and sound. RESET/OFF/TEST switch was made spring-loaded for both positions).
  • Implemented rear cockpit Korry buttons (ESS bus transfer, L/R battery isolate, Emergency aileron disconnect).
  • Added the following clickability/indication in rear cockpit: GPU korry button, fuel tanks red/green flags, fuel quantity indicator, fuel panel korry buttons, ignition light test, engine computer and engine anti-ice korry buttons.
  • Fixed cockpit mechanism.
  • Removed -1000 ft limit for altimeters.
  • Reworked ejection seat model and labels.
  • Updated autostart sequence.
  • Fixed and finished all cockpit texture.
  • Now GPU can only be connected by using radio menu, deleted its keyboard function.
  • Fixed problem with the front cockpit being clickable from the rear one.
  • Fixed cockpit specular texture.
  • TACAN will work in all theaters now.
  • TACAN panel animation and clickability updated.
  • Terrain masking is correctly accounted now.
  • TACAN ID audio can be switched on/off now via intercom in the rear cockpit.
  • AA TACAN is functional now.
  • Test function was fixed, automatic self-test function was added (starts after 3 sec timeout, when TACAN station signal is lost). Test function can be interrupted by selecting another channel, or switching mode dial to another mode.
  • TACAN ranging function can be turned off by pulling TACAN DME circuit breaker.

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
  • PCA Lights.
  • TAS radar mode selection.
  • PCA mode selection.
  • CCIP TAS accuracy.
  • CCRP TAS accuracy.

Bug fixes:
  • safety paddles remain up for AI
  • Intercom fuel switch broken
  • Texture mapping issue (cockpit)
  • Document handler issue (cockpit)
  • "Boule" Pole position cold & dark: incorrect
  • "Boule" bank angle issue
  • Rockets (PPA) - problem with PAR
  • V/UHF Panel Issues
  • Dark Canopy fix for external model
  • Missing kneeboard texture on pilot's body model
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Default DCS 2.0.4 Update 1

DCS Update 1

Added support of the new F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag
  • SA342 Gazelle. Restored functionality of helicopter in DCS 2.0.4
  • Crash of VR with SFM planes has been fixed
  • A-10C. Cockpit mirrors will not be blurred now
  • A-10C. Simplified radio restored
  • Ka-50. The ABRIS search function restored
  • The smoke trails effect corrected. The smoke trails will not appear in front of aircraft and missiles.
  • Missile smoke trail will not disappear at some distances
  • The “Unit is dead” trigger will work correctly
  • L-39. The taxi and landing lights will be enabled at hot start
  • Mission generator. The error when China Su-27 is selected has been fixed
  • The aircraft laser designator will not pass through buildings and missiles will not aim to laser spot behind the illuminated building
  • PAI : Group take off on narrow runways fixed, A/C will take off in pairs
  • PAI: hazardous approach after landing fixed
  • Fast mission generator: corrected mission launch when terrain is not chosen
  • Merkava Mk.4: coaxial and AA machine guns ammo corrected up to 2*5000 rounds
  • VR devices: extremely low FPS fixed
  • F-5Е-3 Flight Manual EN errors are corrected
  • F-5Е-3 Flight Manual RU: p.43 the wingspan was corrected for RU manual only
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