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Originally Posted by razo+r View Post
In order to use the sight for bombing, there's a special variant of it with some additional indications on the sight. For bombing, it needs to be fixed and set to the min. distance. That's what the manual says.

I couldn't find any indication about compensating for bullet ballistics, other than the additional device that is incuded with the sight which is used for adjusting the sight to the ballistics.

But on the other hand, the 20mm should be on the sight at 550m, and the 13mm at 450m, so this maybe needs some checking with the sight in fixed mode.
The bullets and shells cross the line of sight twice, and the elevation between the crosses is not large.
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Originally Posted by grafspee View Post
So can we set guns a little bit closer 600 m is a lot for aerial combat i think.
Could be interesting, but I think It would be better to have the ability to modifiy convergence point for each gun. That's another topic.

But I would love to have the option to switch from EZ 42 to classic revi in the mission editor (as not all the D9 had the EZ 42). Maybe a futur post in wishlist ...

Until then, thanks for the answer !
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