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Originally Posted by pepin1234 View Post
Yes. I agree with Tarres. The Mig-21 need some fixes. I think ED should care about the mistakes of the 3Th Parties. For example how a 3Th parties can release another module if they have modules in the market with bugs, and. non functional systems.

About the best module... Is hard choice, maybe the Ka-50 is the best, also is the most killer machine in AG task.
I agree, but I don't think Leatherneck or the MiG-21 have anything to be ashamed about. It's regarded as one of the best modules in DCS by many people. And Leatherneck is the developer that has most interesting things going on in my mind.

A bigger problem is developers like Belsimtek who seem to move on to new products far too early. F-86F was released quite a while ago and still there's no full manual, no training missions and no campaign.

Edit: The above may be a bit off-topic though...

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Куплю B-17, можно B-24. B-29 не предлагать!
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Im really loving the Mig21, it has a very good feeling to the flight model and its general systems. Despite its shortcomings as mentioned it feels otherwise solid, and the devs seem to be maintaining it well looking at their public bug tracker.

I also have been heavily enjoying the MI-8, which seems a complex aircraft to actually fly due to relying on a tail rotor.Still much to learn and waiting until i get new rudder pedals to really dive in..

Note the most complex are KA 50 and -10c id argue, and thats all down to the complexity of the electronics. That doesnt mean they are necessarily hard to fly (KA 50 is very stable for a helicopter due to coaxial config.. just need to learn how autopilot 'assists' you)

My two cence
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I have all modules except MiG-15Bis. In my opinion, most realistic modules aside from Ka-50 and A-10C, would be :

Mi-8 / UH-1

In that order.

All have issues alright, but I guess it is a given that we'll pretty much never have a flight sim that is %100 or even %95. With that in mind, I find the modules I've listed to be quite well done. MiG is the module by far I enjoy most in DCS, but that depends a lot on personal taste as far as aircraft abilities / systems capabilities go.

Rest of the modules are also mostly pretty good but bothering in enough ways to consider ones above to be better modules.

One I can't comment on is MiG-15Bis since I don't have it.

Leatherneck is the development house I have most faith on currently (well apart from ED I guess). I don't share some people's enthusiasm with Belsimtek for example (yet I'll get F-5 and Mi-24 and AH-1 since those are stuff I just can't resist). A year since their first releases, both Aviodev and VEAO have a lot to prove too (and I hope they will). Too early to comment on RAZBAM yet, though Mirage is already off with a pretty decent start.

So, for finding most high fidelity modules, my personal suggestion would be to look at development studios, and prefer the ones made by ED or Leatherneck.
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Honorable Mention Mods:
Community A-4E & MB-339

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I think the scenario's you fly in are as equally important to the whole experience. ED has certain criteria that all modules must achieve before granting release. So on the whole most modules are as realistic on final release as possible within the limitations of the Sim itself.

Now take the huey for example and fly with 20+ other hueys in a night time community MP event suddenly the module in itself is almost secondary to the experience.

Your heart is pumping as the ship in front of you lifts and your scared you will screw up and spoil others enjoyment. This makes you more aware of the aircraft and you concentrate so hard not to hit anyone while flying in formation with NVG's

Gunships spark up on the radio(TS) with contact reports, tracers are going up to meet the gunships as salvo's of rockets fly off the sides of the hueys and KA-50's.
Suddenly you arrive, still in formation you start to decend, now the tracer is coming towards you pinging off the airframe as you double the concentration to avoid crashing into other flight members or the flight in front of you and avoiding VRS killing yourself your crew and the 8 grunts you loaded up at the FARP.

Sorry I ain't Norman Mailer but you get the drift I hope

Check out this AAR for a more eloquent description of a prior similar mission

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The Mig-21 if he had done according to real, talking about systems, navigation and weaponry could not play with him in the PvP servers. However we see some demolished F-15 with. Therefore I think it is not real, that if fun if it is. Sorry to use google translator.
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Originally Posted by Fred00 View Post
A bigger problem is developers like Belsimtek who seem to move on to new products far too early. F-86F was released quite a while ago and still there's no full manual, no training missions and no campaign.
That's not true. See in this thread how many implemented systems they made for the Mi-8 in the last few months. They work, they do support.

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Seconded, Belsimtek have continued to support MI-8 very well.
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@ Terres,

I was also wondering why 3rd party developpers dont borrow some finished things from ED. It seems that ED isn't flexible in giving code. Look at the Mirage for example, a lot of the unfinished features could be taken from ED but they didn't.

But again, my own guesses.
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