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F-18 ?
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Originally Posted by Hummingbird View Post
F-18 ?
That too!
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If there is no new news shared, there is no news to share. There is a lot of programming and unsexy stuff that goes into the Hornet, I am sure thats a lot of what is going on right now.
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Really looking forward to the MIG-29 and Su-33 upgrades. Any word on a template for the MIG-29?
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Im not ashamed to say that Ive never flown the Su33 before, even though Ive owned FC3 for ages now. Im not into SFM planes. With the PFM upgrade Im going to enjoy learning carrier operations and getting the hang of the plane as the Su27 PFM is one of the best FMs in the game.
One question. The Su33 is not flown a lot online, I have yet to see a server where people pick that plane. I assume that will change after the PFM upgrade? Can the Su33 carry the R77 missile?

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No R77 for the Su33. But you can arm more Missiles than on the Su27, as you have more pylons. Same goes for air to ground + you get air to air refuelling for free

Until the day the Su27 became her PFM, i flew the Su33. But since then, i never was in her cockpit again, looking forward to fly her again. Su27 was never more than just a stopgap
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Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
If there is no new news shared, there is no news to share. There is a lot of programming and unsexy stuff that goes into the Hornet, I am sure thats a lot of what is going on right now.
The code is sexy:

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you will find them as soon as they get new fm..
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What about to bring out a Mig-29 or Su-33 as "full DCS hardcore module"?
I would be enthusiastic.
Apart from that Zzzzz...
But very nice to see that models get some love

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Originally Posted by hannibal View Post
All caps statements, speeding up development since... oh wait
Good, fast, cheap. Choose any two.
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