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I think the core update they pushed just prior to the F14 releasing is the culprit....other plane modules are experiencing the same problem... seems to be a memory leak from the symptoms I see... its sucking the RAM up bigtime
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yes, typical ed updates break things, i think they need to start to investigate why its happening, new codes over old coding just does not mix, start again hey
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Originally Posted by garyscott View Post
Jonsky7, done all you mentioned bud. No joy.
Right now it’s nearly midnight, and for the last 3 1/2 hours after double clicking the dcs ob icon to run the sim, it goes through authorisation - aaaaaannnnd black screen. I’ve got about half a bottle of JD left, I’m pretty sure I’ll still have a black screen when I finish it! Itching to fly the 14, but since downloading it, I can’t do ANYTHING AT ALL with DCS.

Get the “DCS Updater Utility” bud. You can remove and install modules with it, do repairs and updates, among other things.
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I only play in the single player. I also got 2x a black screen today. It did not work anymore, had to restart my PC. Another mistake that I have had since yesterday and today was a bug with MS Visual C ++ Runtime (see attached screenshot). So far I have tested the Caucasus Map as well as the Persian Gulf Map. Here I create myself in the editor a small own mission. I have already done the cleanup and repair function today. But did not bring anything. In the dcs.log I find many ERROR entries.
DCS World needs the Panavia Tornado! Really!
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I can get DCS to start fine, after about 3-5 minutes in the cockpit DCS Wil crash, sometimes completely freezing my pc, occasionally get a BSOD with system service exemption code. 2 year old pc build 6600k 32G ram SSD 1070 ext... Never had an issue until F14 update.
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Did have the same Issues after F-14 Update with DCS. After a lot of things I tried, it helped to increase my Windows Pagefile at least to 32GB.
Really good explained what is happening in this thread:

Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 5 mit Hilfe von TrendStation

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