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Originally Posted by Showtime100 View Post
For those who have a problem in shooting AS30L in Mirage F1CT, i just found that there is a little key binding problem & i just changed input files little bit as below

1. AS30L
1) Please save below file as "default.lua" in your C:\Users"your account name"\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\MirageF1CT\Input\MirageF1CT\joystick folder, as replacing pre-exigsting file.
2) Please save below file as "default.lua" in your C:\Users"your account name"\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\MirageF1CT\Input\MirageF1CT\Keyboard folder, as replacing pre-existing file.
3) Then go back to your dcs client & assign keys for "laser ranger on/off", "electro optical system on/off", "night vision (FLIR or LLTV) on/Off" "Target Lock" "Weapon fire", & shoot the missile as same as you shoot the kh-25ml or kh-29l in su-25t

2. LGBs
even though we can desiginate the target with laser correctly by solving "key binding problem"
as described above, Shkval targeting system installed on su-25T (& Mirage F1CT) provides very limited view range in vertical direction, which means you will lose your laser desigination as you fly over the target & gbu will be mis-guided.
wrong thread. this belongs to the F-1 mod thread.
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Oh, i am sorry. i was confused. Please have a great day
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