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Originally Posted by Wolf8312 View Post
Is weight also why the cannons/guns never quite got up to german levels of ferocity?

To be honest at first I hated the spitfire cannons/guns having tried out the germans weaponry, but now having got quite good in the spitfire have found they are more than capabul of getting the job done.
the western allies thought of dogfighting as a bar room brawl. where a shotgun would be more useful than an accurate rifle.
so they mounted lots of guns in the wings which made them less accurate but gave better spread.
ie a shotgun.

the Russian and germans thought of dogfighting as hunting. so wanted an accurate hunting rifle.
so had much fewer guns mounted on the centre line for ease of aiming and accuracy.

it could be argued that the side with shotguns beat the side with rifles.
because its easier to deflection shoot with a shotgun.

you hunt birds with a shotgun after all

but its also like the endless argument with cavalry swords.. whether its better to use the point and thrust or use the edge and cut..
the target is usually dead either way.
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