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Default DCS noob but long time simmer

Hi all

Long time lurker, first time poster. Have been into sims since the Commodore 64. Microprose Gunship back in 1987 as a teenager and went on from there. Missed out on an air force pilot slot in the 90's so I got a "real" job and changed to the IT field, but flying is my first love.

Kids in the mid 2000's put a stop to my simming habits but my teenage son is now really into flight and sims - dragged me back into it, teaching me DCS - we both have F/A-18, F-16, Persian Gulf and Supercarrier. So I decided to do this properly, built up a new rig and decided to dive into DCS - wow, what a big improvement over LOMAC. This sim is amazing.

Only issue I now have is my Logitech X56 - the QA has been lacklustre (jammed buttons, ghost presses etc) so I'm looking at keeping the stick and getting a TWCS throttle for the time being. But that should tide me over until my son and I can justify something a bit better in the future (Wife Acceptance Factor...)

Really looking forward to a dynamic campaign in DCS in the future, it was the one thing that kept me hooked on F4 back in the day. Anyway, good to be here.
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I combined myTWCS throttle with the TM warthog stick and they are doing well. I had a saitek X52 before but had some issues with it. The twcs throttle imho was designed with the real Hornet throttle in mind.
Yeah the TWCS would serve very well pending when an upgrade is approved by wifey.
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Yes I agree, if you are budget conscious and happy to only run one throttle the TWCS is a good choice. The buttons do line up very closely to an actual hornet

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