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Originally Posted by Catseye View Post
Notwithstanding the long download and install, all went smooth and did the usual update procedures resulting in a good startup and testing in all theatres.

Now for the detailed flight and mission evaluations.

Thankyou ED and all,
Cats . . . .

Two things...no, three things! The three things I've noticed (with apologies to Monty Python) are the glacial download, slower startup, and they still haven't fixed the F-14 wallpaper. It's still an F-14D, and it still sucks.

It starts up 'better' than it did; more multi-monitor aware and I didn't have to go through the usual mouse and keyboard show to get it settled.

Real testing maybe later tonight, possibly tomorrow.

Great job, ED. Given the slings and arrows of outrageous demands BigNewy has had to field it felt nice to see him announcing the release. Not sure if that was intentional, but I liked it all the same.
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Updated with no problem,
and now, when entering the game, the progress bar gets stuck on 10%... game over...
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Been testing for about 2 hours now, have tried F-18, F-16, SU-33, P-51 and all maps in 2.5.6. So far very impressive, there is more traffic and the traffic makes more sense. Water effects are great and lighting is a great change that could use some tweaking to perfect. For me on one monitor Performance is ultra smooth. I did see some shimmering from tree shadows on the Caucasus map.
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Originally Posted by Birdman81 View Post
Updated with no problem,
and now, when entering the game, the progress bar gets stuck on 10%... game over...
I just had the same problem try reloading without voiceattack

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Originally Posted by BIGNEWY View Post
Steam version is being rolled back to 2.5.5 while the team investigate the issues

we will keep you all informed

Are non steam users going to expect the same?
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Originally Posted by Birdman81 View Post
Updated with no problem,
and now, when entering the game, the progress bar gets stuck on 10%... game over...
I was having the same problem, did a repair and now it's boots up as normal. The new lighting looks great also.
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Originally Posted by Zoid1 View Post
Seven hours to D/L through a very slow satellite ISP (ViaSat 10mbit/sec service). Pretty typical given the update size (17+GB for my system) - glad they scheduled it for today as my billing cycle and data allowance reset on Sunday. Plenty of snow to shovel and plow while waiting.

For me, 2.5.6 loaded with no issues and the new lighting looks really nice. No effect on frame rates, but I have a fairly robust system (i7 6700 oc’ed to 4600Mhz, Rtx2080ti), but have not yet tried to implement the SSLR. Thx DCS crew for your efforts.
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After downloading the 2.5.6 update a second time, the error appears again. I spent the entire day downloading the new update. Now he is asking to download again. I use Kaspersky antivirus.

16737.410 INFO : INSTALL bin/Weapons.dll
16737.411 INFO : INSTALL bin/WeaponsBase.dll
16737.412 INFO : INSTALL bin/Weather.dll
16737.413 INFO : INSTALL bin/World.dll
16737.414 INFO : INSTALL bin/WorldGeneral.dll
16740.993 STATUS: Shutting the torrents down...
16740.994 INFO : Kill timer set to 30 seconds...
16741.062 INFO : Torrents have been shutdown in time.
16741.062 INFO : Kill timer reset.
16741.070 ERROR: Can't move C:\DCS World OpenBeta\_downloads\bin/WorldGeneral.dll to C:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin/WorldGeneral.dll: (2) O sistema não pode encontrar o arquivo especificado.
16775.206 === Log closed.

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So , first issue as the carrier launch system seems to be broken when doing a cold start and trying to hook up to the catapult . The moment you press to hook up ... it launches you ....LITERALLY and you end up flying through the air !

It works if you are already hooked up when the mission starts , even though launching afterwards shakes the planes so much it is abit ridiculous .. It is liked they have over-excited the launch mechanism.

Also there is no vibration in hand controllers any more when interacting with buttons in cockpit .
Pressing a button used to create a vibration so you knew it was doing something .
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my error
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