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Originally Posted by Paco View Post
overall not a bad update. However, I have one mission for the FPS dropped from the 60-70 to teens. Not sure why.

I had terrible fps issues in harrier on persian gulf
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I just opened an empty Persian Gulf mission to check out the new water and and just panning the view up above the horizon into empty sky cuts the fps from 190 max down to steady 50.

Edit: Cannot reproduce after restarting the game. Perhaps it didn't compile all the shaders the first time around.

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I haven't been able to see the update myself, but other users seem to be reporting a loss of FPS with the new SSLR setting. I'd assume it's under the graphics options so maybe try finding that and turning it off.
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Night lighting looks great! Frame rate seemed normal or maybe even a bit better. Just the first few seconds of testing, will try more later.
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Notwithstanding the long download and install, all went smooth and did the usual update procedures resulting in a good startup and testing in all theatres.

Now for the detailed flight and mission evaluations.

Thankyou ED and all,
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Im def having performance issues with the new patch. Unplayable in VR now.
I guess I'll have to start tweaking again tomorrow.
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Thanks ED for the lighting changes. Really a great improvement, night missions are no longer a nightmare. And as it seems, the changes don't only affect city lights. It's noticeable during the day, too. Especially with the sun rising or going down. Cockpit lights are much better as well. But I've noticed some difference between the various maps :

-PG is just awesome. Nuff said. Fly over Dubai at night or sunset. Incredible.

-On Caucasus, it's very good as well. Cities and airfields are visible over vast distances, almost like irl.

-Nevada seems a bit weird. Lights on the Strip are still far from the real thing, but have improved quite a lot. Overall visibilty in the dark is much better as before. But I noticed that only in a circle around my aircraft, lights look like one would expect. Further away, the city looks very dark, with just a few lit spots visible. This bright circle looks quite odd, especially when flying at higher altitude. Any chance this will be improved in the future? Would be great to have LV lit in the same or at least simmilar quality as PG.

-Don't know about Normandy. The cities and villages look very dark, with almost no lights to be seen at altitudes above 15k feet. Not sure if this is a quality issue, or if it is intended. Like there were less light sources in that corner of time, or people taking care not to emit any due to night time bombings.

Then there's a few other things :

-Full moon looks a bit to bright now. There's even blue sky around the horizon. Seems like a little bit too much.

-The bright, blurry effect around the sun seems too big and bright. But on the other hand, you wouldn't look right in the sun irl withound having a huge blind effect. Maybe it's just me not used to it.

-Not sure about Huey searchlights. They seem to be brighter, but didn't do enough testing to find out if I could rely on them alone. But probably not. Furthermore, the searchlight visible through the lower canopy window seems very foggy, it's next to impossible to see anything.

I don't mean to be nagging here. All in all, it's a very nice update. Can't wait to try the Hornet upgrades this weekend. Just want to give you some impressions I had, and where I see room for improvements, in case you want to consider.


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After some testing, it seems that huge performance reduction happens in Caucasus map. In PG (even big cities) there is no such huge impact in FPS.
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Seven hours to D/L through a very slow satellite ISP (ViaSat 10mbit/sec service). Pretty typical given the update size (17+GB for my system) - glad they scheduled it for today as my billing cycle and data allowance reset on Sunday. Plenty of snow to shovel and plow while waiting.

For me, 2.5.6 loaded with no issues and the new lighting looks really nice. No effect on frame rates, but I have a fairly robust system (i7 6700 oc’ed to 4600Mhz, Rtx2080ti), but have not yet tried to implement the SSLR. Thx DCS crew for your efforts.
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