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Default Is anything further going to be done with this module?

I have this module for the Mi-8 but I am just wondering if this module is going to be ported to any other modules?
It seems like a real waste of resources not to expand the module further. Surely it cant be that much work to port it over to other aiframes (huey for example)

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Now that both the Huey and NS 430 fall under "DCS/ED", can we please have it in the Huey? (I am sure it would be very nice in other modules also, but the Huey seems to be the *perfect* place for it.

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I could see this being a great addition to the Huey and the L-39.
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In the NS430 Special Settings, there's an option to apply it to the L39. Tried it, doesn't work (show up) for me...

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It would be nice if we had an update about this, I bought it understanding it would be added/ available to more aircraft. Would be nice if it was added to the p-51 or tf-51.
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it is in settings for the L-39 so hopefully soon ™
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Man if this could be added to all of the old school aircraft it would be least the Huey, L39, TF-51d, and I can only dream of it working out for the F5e

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we need an additional menu in the MISSION EDITOR to set preferences of the NS430 such as units and various options for the aircraft we want to fly..

telling that, because the way the NS430 is designed and the way the manipulators are done once you are in the cockpit (and using VR), it is a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS to do it each time for every flight!

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Can someone check, if the NS 430 is working in the L-39C/ZA - there is an option in the ME to use it?
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