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deleted post.
ASROCK Z77 Pro4, I5 3570K, 16GB DDR3, GTX 760SC, Corsair TX750W, Sound Blaster X-FI Extreme, Solid State Hard Drive, Full Homebuilt Cockpit, TM HOTAS Wartpig, Saitek Rudder Pedals, TrackIR-5 w/TrackClip Pro, Vizio 42inch 1080p Monitor, Windows 7 64bit

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Nationality: Italian
Language: Italian
Aircraft and sims: DCS: A-10C, Falcon BMS, DCS: FC3, DCS: CA, DCS: P51
Web Site: http://www.virtualblacksheep.com/
Information: ts3.voicehosting.it:10120 or via forum: http://vbsvirtualblacksheep.forumfree.it/

VBS is a virtual squadron that recreates realistic and varied operations involving sims like DCS A-10C, CA and P-51D and Falcon BMS.

We focus on the improvement of our pilots' skills through training and teamwork. Documentation and instructions are provided to all members in order to help them to reach the required standard operational level.

Teamspeak 3 is required for proper communications and the use of a microphone is strongly encouraged.

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Default 51st VFW is now formed and recruiting

Hi I'm Maverick_667th and welcome to the newly formed 51stvfw based out of the USA. We consist of two squads the now in our 14th year 667th Black Knights and the 2nd year 67th Fighting Cocks. We have a brand new website and with our newly merged squadrons we are looking for more pilots to join our ranks. We currently fly DCS P-51D, DCS A-10C, DCS FC3, Falcon BMS 4.32, Falcon AF and dable a bit in BF3 and War Thunder. Please check out site. We also are on falcon-online.org a lot as well

Maverick_667th of the Black Knights 667th
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Default 319th Virtual Attack Squadron

Hoping to start a new squad from scratch, looking for shark pilots of limited to moderate experience if you would like to check it out hop on over to the forum which has been created at http://319vas.boards.net/ The squad is pretty casual, and since it has just begun there are no official flights as of yet. We welcome players of all modules but this is open to change as the squad grows. If you would like more information please feel free to shoot me a PM thanks! There are no monthly flight time requirements, and no training requirements though some training may eventually become part of the program. Looking for pilots of all interests and skill levels!

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Posting our link below, click the sig to visit our site.

<u><font color=#0066cc>http://www.jg53.com/images/sigs/general/sig1.png</font></u>
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Thumbs up 1st Cavalry Division - opening soon

Hello Cowboys !
Do you love the Huey ? Are you looking for an old style simulation experience ?
Please visit us at http://1stcavdiv.conceptbb.com/

A Huey fans' club
Feel free to come and share what you want pictures, movies, flight exp.... this forum is yours.

An international squadron

Why a new squadron dedicated to the Huey ?
We think that a good Huey exp. means playing the Huey in an old style environment. That s mean playing missions without manpads or Buk ... and without a strange mix of aircrafts US/Russian, P-51 with Ka-50. We hope to play with others squadrons thanks to future releases like Mig-21 !

I am already a member of an another squadron, how can I join ?
For us , that doesn't matter. I fact it's better to have various interests. You can use the same name, you only have to use the following tag on ours forum if you become a member 1stCavDiv=Name. But please, don't bring your squadron's conflicts with you.

What about the squadron rules ?
-minimum of flight skill : none (try your best to avoid crashs)
-minimum of flight time / week : none
-forum topics : no politic or religious subjects
-behaviour expected : positive and respectful. This place is what you do with it, so contribute to the squadron is essential.
There is many ways to do it according of your time and skills : set missions, help new players to ride the Huey, report DCS news or information on the Huey /1st Cavalry Div. manage a part of the squadron : USA players, Asia players ...

Welcome to Caucasus-Nam !

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We're looking for players in North America to join the newly formed 1stCavDiv--we are recruiting international members as well. We have 15 members now and 7 of us are in North America. I just need some guys who love the Huey to join up to help fill the North America group.

Recently, fly49, a real life Huey pilot, joined our ranks and we will begin training with him in the near future.

There are no requirements other than a mutual love for the Huey, and there is no minimum time to be online--you can come and go as you please.

Currently we only fly the Huey; so if you are tired of joining servers to find it doesn't really support the mission style of the beloved Huey we are who you are looking for.

If you are interested but have more questions please PM me; I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have...

If nothing else just stop by and check out our website:

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Default The 49th VFW is Recruiting

The 49th_VFW is Recruiting

The 49th_VFW is an East Coast based Virtual Fighter Wing [USA] ...that flies the F15C and A10C Warthog...[ Flaming Cliff 3 modules are compatible with our dedicated server ] The 49th VFW operates [3] squadrons...........the 7th_FS operates the F15C~~ the 8th_FS operates the A10C~~~the 9th_FS is inactive at this time.............No minimum skill levels here......just a good group of guys interested in flying CO-OP Missions ................Teamwork is the key factor in the 49th Fighter Wing........any caliber of pilot is welcome......if You never flew online with a virtual squadron...this is place for You..!!........
Our original teammates flew Jane's F-15 + F-18 way back when......later we transitioned to the Falcon 4.0 from 2002-2012....
We plan to meet at least once a week for CO-OP flights.....Great Guys....Casual Atmosphere.........The Wing will start flying on July 12,2014.........We use Teamspeak3 & a Server on DCS World.........
The website is Active....click on the link......http://fortyninevfw.tripod.com/ ALL CALIBER OF PILOTS are welcomed.....
Safe Landings....Joseph Zipper Mazza 7th_FS
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Default Uk Hogs

UK Hogz

UK Hogz (part of UKCS) are a small dedicated group who fly the DCS A-10 within DCS World. We were formed in December 2012.

We are a UK group but recruit from all over the world, although we go to uk times.

We fly most nights but have official mission and training nights two nights a week.

We recruit members of all levels and dont keep new members as recruits for 3 months while they go through endless training modules. The process is quite easy.The whole process should take no longer than 3 weeks, the training is designed to be testing but enjoyable, and new members will learn all they need to know to start flying missions in the Hogz.

We have a dedicated teamspeak 3 server and use TARS for comms.

We also fly all airframes available within DCS World,

So if the Hogz is something that interests you then please register on our site
http://ukcs.gdwebs.co.uk and take a look around.

We are also looking for other groups for joint ops.
please look at this thread http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=112644
for updated info.

Gaz "pitbull"


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Default Virtual Carrier Wing Three

Hi Everyone

Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW-3), known as the "Battle Axe", is a United States Navy aircraft carrier air wing based at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia. The air wing is attached to the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75).

Currently our standard install is FSX with the VRS Superhornet combined with VRS Tacpack. However, what we are seeing here is an incredible step forward with DCS and we have decided at this time to begin moving our naval operations in the direction of DCS. We are committed in staying true to the true operations of CVW3.

· VFA-32 "Fighting Swordsmen (North American based pilots)

· VMFA-312 "Checkerboards (North American based pilots)

· VFA-37 "Ragin Bulls (North American based pilots)

· VFA-105 "Gunslingers (Overseas based pilots)

· VAQ-130 "Zapper"s

· VAW-126 "Seahawk"s

·HSM-74, the "Swamp Foxes"

· VRC-40 Det I "Rawhides

Our goal for Virtual Carrier Wing Three is to become a valued Virtual Wing within DCS community implementing Real Naval Operations with the current squadrons assigned to the USS Harry S Truman (CV75). Participation in co-operative missions with all branches of the military is what we are striving for.

We realize there is no dedicated hornet at this time but will build on what what is available in the hornet to us until the release of a dedicated F/A-18. While at the same time staying current on the VRS superbug.

It's a big step for our wing to move to a new platform BUT we like what we see and look forward to the challenge. So if your up for a challenge in naval operations as we move into DSC, just click our banner above and check us out.

Look forward to Flying with you sometime.

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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