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Originally Posted by 51st FW_Dart View Post
Do you never fail to impress yourself?
Do you look REAL good in your virtual cockpit?
Do you have a naturally musky odor the girls cannot resist?
Do you get a wicked Hannibal Lector style grin on your face when blowing stuff up?
Do you scream at your microwave when making a Hot Pocket “why won't it go SOI?!?!”
Do you have a ZSU-23 RWR tone programed in your smart phone for your Mother-in-Law?
Are you a virtual pilot, is that what you do?
Man, that is one of the funniest things Ive ever read. I really did LOL.

Do you guys fly Falcon 4?
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Default Join a U.S.-based Virtual Squadron flying DCS A-10C

The “Black Knights” are a U.S.-based virtual squadron that has been in existence for over 9 years. We’re a mature group of dedicated virtual and real-world pilots who enjoy cooperative, mission-focused combat flight simming. Our squadron's resume of flight sims include such classics as Janes F/A-18, the IL-2 series, Lock-On, Flaming Cliffs, and DCS Black Shark. The squadron is currently flying missions in DCS A-10C.

Squadron members design our own elaborate missions and campaigns in which to fly, featuring realistic depictions of historical battles as well as fictional ‘what if’ scenarios. They all share a singular focus on cooperative, squadron vs AI combat.

A by-invitation-only squadron, the “Black Knights” are looking to expand their roster and are accepting pilot candidate applications to fill a limited number of openings in the squadron.

Candidates should be willing and able to commit on a regular basis to participating once a week on Monday nights, from 20:30 – 23:30 Central Time with the squadron. Candidates will be asked to undergo a checkride with the squadron’s Training Officer to assess basic proficiency.

For more information on joining the Black Knights Squadron, please visit our website.

Website: http://www.blackknightssquadron.com


CO Black Knights
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Master Arms is a Swedish combat flight simulator community.
We are looking for swedish speaking pilots.
You can join our forum at www.masterarms.se
or link up with us on IRC: #masterarms @ GAMESURGE (webclient)
We currently playing Falcon BMS, DCS-series and IL-2 1946.


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Exclamation The 689th is expanding their roster

The “689th Tactical Group” is a U.S. based virtual wing command with multiple squadrons. The 8th VFS, currently flying the A10-C, and the 9th VAS flying the DCS Blackshark. We’re a mature group of dedicated individuals with real-world aviation, military flight-line experience. We enjoy cooperative, mission-focused combat flight. Our squadron's predominantly fly DCS series aircraft due to their high fidelity and quality sims.

Current positions available:

Please contact "689th_command@checksixonline.com"

Joining one of the 689th Tactical Group wings will be by 'invitation only', (see below).

Candidates should be willing and able to commit on a regular basis to participating regularly planned events, as directed.

For more information on joining the the 8th VFS or the 9th VAS, please visit our website and have a look around, then post in the appropriate forums, and give us a brief description about yourself. Please make sure that you provide a valid and accurate email address when registering as this will be used for contacting the candidate.
When you have posted in our forums, someone within our group will contact you personally.
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Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS

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Revised for Ka-50 Pilots
Asus x99, i7 5930k, 32g mem, MSI 1070GTX, 970 Samsung M.2, LG 35in Ultra-Wide, TrackIR 4
Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS
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Coming Soon 223rd CAS

223rd Casual Aviation Simulators
No recruiting if you want in your in, no silly requirements. For the serious gamers or for the pilots who don't a lot of time, but want to be apart of a group.


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The FOUR-SEVEN-SIX vFighter Group

Currently we support DCS: A-10C with plans to incorporate DCS: Combined Arms in a limited capacity, DCS: “Fast Mover,” and if they meet our requirements third party DCS aircraft.

We have three active vOrganizations within the 476th. The 74th vTraining Squadron flies the A-10C. This squadron is for new applicants (trainees) to learn the ways of the 476th vFG. Once a trainee successfully completes Initial Qualification Training (IQT) they are granted full membership and moved to the 76th vFighter Squadron 'Vanguards' (A-10C, US timezones) or the 81st vFighter Squadron 'Panthers' (European timezones).

The 476th vFG is an international organization, our goal in the 476th vFG is to continuously learn and refine our skills while enjoying these simulators in a multiplayer environment incorporating realistic tactics and procedures.

We will offer specialized training such as Weapons School, Element & Flight Lead Training, and a few additional items we have floating around our heads . Here is an example of one of our training videos for A-10C Weapons School.


Detailed Flight Log

Fight Planning Operations Board
Plan sorties, create Mission Data Cards for your mission, A-10C Drag & Weight Calculator are just a few tools available.

A little more about us

In early 2012 a group of friends flying DCS A-10C decided, instead of trying to force their ideas on other organizations they would form their own organization, thus the 476th vFighter Group was formed.

Our founders (Eddie, Gopher, Joyride, Rat, Stuka, Snoopy, & Wolfman) have over 4300* combined multiplayer A-10 flight hours and hail from across the world. Our goal is to have a vFighter Group that, to the best of our ability and within the limitations of Eagle Dynamics products, conduct realistic missions using real tactics and procedures. Many of the founders are currently or have served in various branches of the military. Two of our pilots are also current testers for Eagle Dynamics.

The 476th vFighter Group currently flies DCS: A-10C with plans to incorporate DCS: 'Fast Mover' and some thirdy party aircraft when released. DCS: Combined Arms will be incorporated primarily the JTAC role once TARS is compatable.

Accepted applicants (trainees) will be required to successfully graduate Fixed Wing Initial Qualification Training and Air frame specific Mission Qualification Training prior to being awarded full membership to the 476th.

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The 476th website home page says recruitment is on hold.
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And it is for the moment until we catch up with the training queue. Once some of the current trainees have completed their training and we have spare capacity, we will open applications again.

Until then interested parties are welcome to introduce themselves and hang around on our forums.
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Lightbulb [Dogs of War] - Established - Professional - Fun!


For the last 7+ years, the Dogs of War have been flying together in Falcon 4 and most recently in BMS (benchmarksims Falcon 4.32). We are now branching off into DCS, and we have dedicated members that will train YOU in the A10C and KA-50 in depth.

50% of our community are retired US Air Force pilots, Canadian Air Force Pilots, Current F16 pilot-in-training, and current real world flight instructors.
  • What do we provide you?
    • Quality, in depth training for the A10C and/or KA-50.
    • Professional flight environment without forgetting the main premise - this is a game, and we are all working professionals that come on and fly for fun!
    • Dedicated server for training and "Flight Night".
    • Dedicated TS server
    • Dedicated and mature flight crew that has extensive knowledge and willing to pass what they know on to anyone willing to listen.
The Dogs of War strongly believes in a professional flying experience, but not at the expense of fun. While we all want to perform well, sound professional, and rack up the kills, the Dogs of War is able to do every bit of that and keep the environment enjoyable.

Drink beer while flying? Oh most definitely. We have an age base starting at 20 all the way to Grey haired, wrinkly men. Alcohol is encouraged, why, because lets face it, 90% of us are winding down from the work day. Enjoy.

New pilot? No worries, we all started out in the same boat! As long as you are willing to put forth the time to be properly trained by a Dogs of War pilot, you will be COMBAT Effective in no time!

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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