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Come on in to the Tigers Den
I came I saw I got blown up by a SA-8

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Default The Savage 77th

The Savages are one of the founding LOMAC squadrons- the inventors of the LOMAC league- the premier online squad vs. squad competition. Operations conducted primarily from the decks of the Admiral Kuznetov, as in LOMAC we placed special emphasis on SU33 operations- although we fly virtually all LOMAC aircraft.

The Savages are now committed to operations in DCS A10C. FC2 is still in the picture- but please note that we are not scheduling any Squadron activities in this title. Same goes for Black Shark- no activities scheduled.

Maturity and an attitude conducive to having fun. 18 and over only please.
DCS:A10c (FC2 & BS would be a good idea too- but not required)
Teamspeak 3 w/ microphone. The Squadron operates in English.
MSN Messenger is preferred. (backup comms)
HOTAS & Track IR HIGHLY recommended. The squadron's view is that it's often too difficult to train people lacking these items.

Website: http://www.s77th.com/index.php

Teamspeak: http://www.s77th.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1666

Public Server info US: http://www.s77th.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=23

Public Server info AUS: http://www.s77th.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=22

CONTACTS: S77th-KonKuSSioN (CDR.: US) S77th Devilman (CO AUS & founder) MSN: konkussion(at)live(dot)com Join the Squadron TS3 channel anytime, or PM Kon or Devilman on this forum.

(Get a hold of one of us before registering on the S77th forum. Aggressive anti-spam-bot measures had to be implemented. )

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=WRAG= is Wing of Russia Air Group


Maturity and an attitude conducive to having fun. 18 and over only please.

FC 2: is the most common
DCS:A10c (FC2 & BS would be a good idea too- but not required)
Teamspeak 3 w/ microphone. The Squadron operates in Russian, English is posible.

Teamspeak port=10182

CONTACTS: al rumyantsev dog mail dot ru, 23OSA dog mail dot ru or PM Serg23 or Milit on this forum.
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Жизнь моя - жестьянка... а мне летать охота
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New 422 Test and Evaluation squadron will be based out of Nellis when Nellis/NTTR scenery released.
We are an arm of the SimAir Force a Vatsim based VSOA.We offer live ATC/FAC/GCI and are in the squadron forming stages now.
NO experience required.
Complete JPATS/SUPT in the T6/T38 in FSX then transition to DCS A10.
See the SimAF website

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Nice to see you are still alive, loved your video series "Al Rojo Vivo" from Falcon 4

Originally Posted by ECV56_Tordo View Post

= Foros =


IL-2 1946


"Sieh nur, wie majestätisch du durch die Luft segelst. Wie ein Adler. Ein fetter Adler."
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Default French Canadian Wing*****5 ECV/VFW*****

Pour adhérer à la 5e Escadre, vous devez :

• Être agé de 18 ans ou plus ;
• Posséder un ordinateur ;
• Avoir une carte graphique accéléré 3D compatible DirectX;
• Posséder une connexion Internet
(haute vitesse de préférence) ;
• Posséder une version enregistrée du DCS A-10C Warthog;
• Pouvoir communiquer avec les membres de l'escadre régulièrement à l'aide du réseau Internet via email et Teamspeak ; Consécament, posséder un casque d'écoute avec micro.
• Posséder un systême Stick et Throttle HOTAS du style Saitek, Thrustmaster, Logitech ou CH (fortement recommandé)
• Et bien sur : Avoir une bonne dose de bonne humeur et vouloir travailler en équipe !

Être membre de la 5e escadre signifie...
• que vous devez respecter les consignes et les politiques de notre organisation ;
• que vous devez consacrer quelques heures d'entraînement individuellement ainsi qu'avec les autres membres de l'Escadre chaque semaine ou selon le calendrier des évènements;
• que vous devez participer aux opérations officielles en réseau lorsque l'on requiert votre participation ;
• que vous devez consulter et participer au courrier électronique de la liste postale des membres de l'escadre le plus régulièrement possible ;
• Le plus possible, s'assurer que votre sim de DSC est fonctionnel avec votre équipement et pret pour les rencontres onlines.
• que vous devez partager vos connaissances concernant le simulateur avec les membres de l'escadre (l'union fait la forces !);

Visitez notre site
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*Preliminary design of squadron banner

Searching for Members! Anyone welcome!
currently setting up a dedicated server...

German Teamspeak 3 IP:

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Do you never fail to impress yourself?
Do you look REAL good in your virtual cockpit?
Do you have a naturally musky odor the girls cannot resist?
Do you get a wicked Hannibal Lector style grin on your face when blowing stuff up?
Do you scream at your microwave when making a Hot Pocket “why won't it go SOI?!?!”
Do you have a ZSU-23 RWR tone programed in your smart phone for your Mother-in-Law?
Are you a virtual pilot, is that what you do?

If you answered yes to these questions, or if you could not answer them at all, you may be the pilot we are looking for! Many will test, but only a few will wear the wings of the virtual 51st Fighter Wing. We are a new squad to the DCS world, but we have a storied history in the flight simming community and we trace our on-line lineage all the way back to Air Warrior. We have flown the skies as JG/51, IV/JG-51, AG-51, and now the 51st Fighter Wing in games such as Warbirds, IL2, Lock-On, and DCS.

The 51st Fighter Wing is currently engaged in pre-deployment work ups learning to fly the A-10C as a team so that we can rain hate on all the evil doers in the virtual battlefield in the DCS world.

We are currently looking for virtual pilots who can take flying in a squad seriously, fly their airframes as is if they were the real thing and their life depended upon their skills and training, while at the same time maintaining a high level of fun and camaraderie with a jovial demeanor and a strutting swagger befitting a true Hollywood type Hawg Driver.

Experience is not required, only a willingness to learn and a desire to fly with the best pilots you could find on the web in a team atmosphere. We play hard and we take things seriously, but we always have fun and often end the flight night with a huge laugh, usually at our own expense. Come give us a look and fly with us...we just may be the solution to that miserable hole in your virtual life probie...


Lawn Dart
51st Fighter Wing

"Leading The Charge"
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The 373rd vFS ''Phoenix''was formed in 2011. Based in Greece, the squadron specialises in Air to Air and Air to Ground missions, using a variety of Fighting aircrafts.
Our pilots are at most former members of other Greek squadrons with experience, mainly in Open Falcon .
Though we are a Greek speaking squadron, we use Greek language along with Nato brevities for our flights.
With DCS:A-10C being our last setup addition, we are training and flying missions nearly every day .

373vFS ''Phoenix'' Setups/Aircrafts :

- Open Falcon 4.7 [F-16B 52+ & Mirage 2000-5 ]

- DCS:A-10C [A-10C Warhog]

- DCS:Ka-50 Blackshark [Ka-50 Attack Helicopter]

Feel free to make any comments to our International Section or invite us for a flight with other v.Squadrons.

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Default 141st Wolf Squadron

141st Wolf Squadron

Turkish Lock On fighter squadron and support forum.


HD F-15 Cockpit Mod
Wishlist: F-18D(multi seat), F-16C&D, F-4 | In-Game Communication

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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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