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Originally Posted by Nero.ger View Post
i looked throu some squadrons information and some of you guys make it bloody hard to find informations about Timezones, usual player hours, what commitment you expect etc.
makes it impossible to find out if its right for one or not
Thank you Nero.ger! I have discovered the same frustrating issues. I don't know if it's just inexperience with marketing/advertising, or they don't know the information yet, or they simply want to compete with other "pretty" websites without detail. As a busy person I need to know specific flight times for missions and training. Not interested in random flying or pick-up flying but rather well planned and organized missions and/or training sessions.
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Maybe think of it as a test in itself, to see if you have an idea of commitment that motivates you to make suffcient contact such that you can ascertain the finer details.
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Good point guys, here’s a photograph of the VFA-113 Greenie Board with our flight schedule on it.

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For VFA-103 we are very early in recruitment. Since I live and breathe in the Pacific Time Zone, all recruits should be able to make evenings in that time zone. As for what commitment? I expect that everyone's level of commitment is different depending on their real lives. However, going forward I would like to see pilots be able to fly at least twice a week. Training for fully mission capable carrier based operations in either the Tomcat or the Hornet is going to be demanding. All I ask for is a willingness to learn and a great attitude.

Come fly with us, and see if you like what we do. If you don't fit, we can part ways as friends and meet in the skies over the Strait of Hormuz. If you do fit, what an adventure we will have.

Best way to find out, is to fly.

Come see us on discord.
Proud founder of VNAO and current deck jockey with VFA-103

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Default 475th Fighter Group

The 475th Fighter Group "Satan's Angels" is over two decades old. We started in box games then moved to MMOG's in their heyday in the 1990's and early 00's.

The 475FG is an historic fighter group that served in the Pacific theater in WWII flying P-38's. There are active USAF units that trace their lineage to the Satan's Angels.

Most of our members love the P-38 or at least tolerate the P-38 passion of the leadership of the group.

I am looking to expand the 475FG presence into DCS multiplayer. We offer some very experienced and talented Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM), Element Tactics, and Flight Tactics instructors with extensive virtual and real world flying and air combat experience.

We aren't interested in accurately simulating every detail of real world flying. We concentrate on the fight, not switch flipping and talking to ATC.

Our PRIMARY focus is teamwork driven operations.

We are gunfighters. While we may have operations in aircraft capable of carrying missiles, we will not be regular participants in missile training or operations. The reasons for this are twofold but not important other than an understanding that this is not a place to learn missile tactics.

So if you are interested in joining a group primarily flying WWII and Korea vintage aircraft that is highly experienced and willing to help you achieve proficiency in a teamwork environment we may be the group for you.

And you will be getting in on the ground floor of our DCS experience.

Our requirements are pretty simple. Be willing to learn and to help others learn. Every failure is an opportunity to improve but you must accept that you are responsible for each failure in order to learn from it.

We use Teamspeak primarily. We have developed our own tactical vocabulary based upon modern USAF terminology tailored to virtual flying. We will certainly teach it to you.

All experience levels are welcome. Brand new virtual pilot or grizzled DCS veteran, you will all find a home. We welcome the opportunity to learn from the experience you may already possess.

My primary DCS airframes are P-51, Bf-109K, F-86 and Mig-15 for the moment.

For an example of our operations in another title, checkout the video below.

I am not the videographer (Dobs). I go by dawger online.

Interested parties may PM me here.
Member Forum: http://www.satansangels.activeboard.com/

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Here's some quality tips!

Here are some guidelines I've made, so that you don't waste your own or other's time when you're entering the world of online DCS flight simming.

Find a squadron/group that:
- has the same level of dedication as you do. If you're into casual ace combat style gaming, join a group with like-minded. If you're into next to real life simulation, with alot of dedication, training and preplanning, join a group with that mindset.
- shares the workload. Running a (hardcore simulation) squadron requires alot of work. You have mission making, trainings and planning of trainings, documents to be made and read and followed up upon etc. These tasks are actually very pleasant to do, when and only when, the workload is shared. Sharing the workload is imperative for running a sustainable community.
- makes you want to participate. This is all about fun. You're not getting paid to do this, neither is the rest of your community. We're all here to have fun. But what actually is fun is very individual. Be open about it! Some find goofing around, airspawning with friendly A2A dogfighting fun. Some find the realism of reading up on real life aircraft manuals of 6-700 pages fun, and knowing all the ins and outs of the aircraft. ASAP be open about your expectations and your planned level of dedication and contribution to the group
- Requires a level of dedication that fits with your real life commitments. Being an expert is king! But not if your marriage is falling apart or if you're wearing your Oculus Rift when your kids should be getting your attention. Real life comes first.
- Allows the fly your preferred airframe in an environment that you actually want to operate in. Are you into PVE or PVP or something in between? This choice of theatre of war has an immensly important role of how you're going to operate. If you'd like to drop bombs with the A10C from 20k ft, forget about it if the sky is skattered with enemy flankers.

Based on my own experiences, me personally have come to the conclusion that I want to be part of a team where we do proper (semirealistic) planning, stick to the plan, operate in a semirealistic environment, mostly PVE as a striker (AJS37, SA342, A10C), and where we all share the workload, and have a high attendance rate, with mandatory 1 event per week, but often attend two or three.

You might come to other conlusions. Chose a fellowship that suits your needs, and be a contributor, and you'll have lots and lots of fun!

- Burnhard
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If any Marine F-18 Squadrons start up that are attached to the VMA-231 out of Cherry Hill. Please contact me. I'm looking at attaching our unit to one. Trying to start up a Marine Corps Air Wing

Started for the DCS Community.


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Default 5vWing Canada // 5EVC

5vWing Canada // 5e Escadre virtuelle du Canada got a new website !


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The Irregulars invite you to our Discord server. https://discord.gg/43Ska9p

We're a casual group that flies multiple aircraft on multiple servers. We commonly fly on 1952 Korea, ACG Cold War, 104th, and F99th servers, but would be open to new servers as well as coop missions.

Our discord has a public area for chat as well as linking up for flights.


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Default vVMFA-122 Crusaders Standing up!!

Ladies and Gents

Virtual Carrier Strike Group 1 has now gained their 2nd Fighter Attack Squadron to join vVFA-25, from the Green side of the house. vVMFA-122 The Crusaders will be joining CSG-1 underway. 122 will both be land and ship based and will solely fly the DCS F/A-18 Platform. Come on over and take a look at the Mud Movers of the CSG or our other Squadrons on board. We have very new pilots to experienced ones and make for great environment. See you soon and S/FI

Squadron Site:


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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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