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Default Virtual Carrier Wing Three

Hi Everyone

Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW-3), known as the "Battle Axe", is a United States Navy aircraft carrier air wing based at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia. The air wing is attached to the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75).

Currently our standard install is FSX with the VRS Superhornet combined with VRS Tacpack. However, what we are seeing here is an incredible step forward with DCS and we have decided at this time to begin moving our naval operations in the direction of DCS. We are committed in staying true to the true operations of CVW3.

· VFA-32 "Fighting Swordsmen (North American based pilots)

· VMFA-312 "Checkerboards (North American based pilots)

· VFA-37 "Ragin Bulls (North American based pilots)

· VFA-105 "Gunslingers (Overseas based pilots)

· VAQ-130 "Zapper"s

· VAW-126 "Seahawk"s

·HSM-74, the "Swamp Foxes"

· VRC-40 Det I "Rawhides

Our goal for Virtual Carrier Wing Three is to become a valued Virtual Wing within DCS community implementing Real Naval Operations with the current squadrons assigned to the USS Harry S Truman (CV75). Participation in co-operative missions with all branches of the military is what we are striving for.

We realize there is no dedicated hornet at this time but will build on what what is available in the hornet to us until the release of a dedicated F/A-18. While at the same time staying current on the VRS superbug.

It's a big step for our wing to move to a new platform BUT we like what we see and look forward to the challenge. So if your up for a challenge in naval operations as we move into DSC, just click our banner above and check us out.

Look forward to Flying with you sometime.

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Virtual Squadron 57 is a Colombian community of virtual fighter pilots who conduct air operations with flights and simulators LockOn, DCS and Flight Simulator.

Our main objective is to promote virtual aviation Colombia and Latin America making online multiplayer flight with the most renowned flight simulators in an atmosphere of mutual respect, good fun and recreation, very realistically recreating different military flight operations and air combat.

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The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a vast community of gamers consisting of 2,400+ members over dozens of games. As of recently, Digital Combat Simulator has been added to that list of great games. The TAW 82nd Fighting Group is now recruiting members for all modules of DCS World except for P-51.

We are currently a small group of dedicated individuals and we're hoping to gain more members to expand our DCS division. We are very knowledgeable in several of the DCS World Modules and hope that new members can share their experience and knowledge with us. We're also seeking an experienced mission maker with the skills to craft in-depth and realistic missions and training exercises.

We host organized weekly events using multiple modules to accomplish tasks. We use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate on one of the most-popular TS3 servers in the world. Our training program, exclusively for TAW members, teaches all aspects of DCS allowing anyone with any level of skill and any amount of experience to join us and further advance their skills as a pilot.

Our members are not limited to one module as they get to choose which aircraft they fly at our weekly events. With an organized structure, leadership is strong and well-developed. Our members are caring and devoted to further enrich all other members of not only TAW DCS, but other TAW members. Joining TAW not only means getting to fly with TAW DCS, it means that you are now allowed to join any other TAW event hosted by any other TAW division at any time; you are granted access to one of the top 10 TeamSpeak servers in the world, and granted access to a thriving community on TAW.net.

We are currently creating missions for, and setting up, a dedicated server so that potential members can see how we set up our play, and conduct our missions.

You can email me using the email provided below, or find me on teamspeak to ask any questions about TAW or TAW DCS.

Want to see what we're all about? Come join us as a guest for one of our weekly events by emailing me and reserving a slot!

Hope to see you in the fight!

Contact Info

TAW -> www.taw.net
DCS Battalion XO -> Insignia@taw.net
DCS Battalion SO -> Harryward@taw.net
TeamSpeak Server -> ts.taw.net
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TAW wants YOU.
Regardless of your skill level, the TAW DCS Division of The Art of Warfare (TAW), invites all pilots—from rookies to aces—to join one of the fastest-growing and most stable virtual flying wings. The growth-oriented wing got off the ground in 2005 and has seen significant growth in numbers, quality and experience.

With over 20 members, we host missions that incorporate all of the DCS aircraft. In fact, we just started a helicopter-specific squadron.

We especially welcome rookies with minimal or zero experience. The flight sim gurus consistently agree that joining an online virtual squadron is the fastest, most thorough means of going from Rookie to Ace in Digital Combat Simulations aircraft—the most complicated, in-depth and realistic sims in the virtual flying universe.
The TAW DCS Division is nearing completion of the expansion and redesign of its already extensive training program. With at least 50% of time spent on further progressing skills, training lessons with an experienced Instructor Pilot range from the basics to formation flying to precision bombing.

We fly three nights a week—in practice flights and real-time missions. In addition to the increasing rookie ranks, we have a solid core of veterans with skills unparalleled in the combat flight community. Our veterans’ cadre has experienced a major growth surge in its ranks. We’re committed to growth, continuous improvement and everyone having a great time. Join us today.

Here’s how to join or get more information:
Website— http://taw.net/ (look for the Horizon Division)
Or by e-mail to:
TAW DCS Commanding Officer: Executive Officer Insignia at Insignia@taw.net
TAW DCS Head of Recruiting: Staff Officer Harryward at Harryward@taw.net
TeamSpeak server: ts.taw.net

We look forward to hearing from you.
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interested in a DCS WWII squadron?
click my sig

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The 319th Virtual Squadron dedicated to the A-10C. We are a UK based SQ but we are accepting applications all over the world as we currently have european based and american based pilots!

Looking for a realistic but fun way of flying with equal opportunities ? Then the 319th is definitely your place to be! Come and check us out, have a flight with us and have an opinion!


Regards Reaper
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Originally Posted by Reaper_Mav View Post
The 319th Virtual Squadron dedicated to the A-10C. We are a UK based SQ but we are accepting applications all over the world as we currently have european based and american based pilots!

Looking for a realistic but fun way of flying with equal opportunities ? Then the 319th is definitely your place to be! Come and check us out, have a flight with us and have an opinion!


Regards Reaper
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Default RAF Air UK

We are at present only a small group, but with a wealth of flight simulation experience based around a FS9 fixed wing environment.

Having trialed DCS A-10C with two of our members, it was decided to have a section within our VA dedicated to this fantastic simulation experience.

We are ourselves 'learning on the job' as regards the weapons systems of this trusty beast, but we can offer any pilots new to DCS A-10C a learning environment that can be conducted within a Multi-player online environment as well as offline. Pilots with experience are more than welcome to fly with us and hopefully we can all enjoy a friendly night or two learning to fight a most wonderful aircraft.

We normally meet up at 19:15 (UK) each Tuesday using TeamSpeak3 as our comms option.

Why not give us a try. If interested simply register with RAF Air UK at the top of the Home page. If you wish to contact us by email you can catch us at
richard.rodgers@rafairuk.co.uk or clyde.whiting@rafairuk.co.uk

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What's with the 319th. If you go to there website, it states they ARE recruiting. If you follow there directions to d/l there 'terms and conditions', nothing happens. Then they instruct potential cadets to join there forums as the first step in joining the group, but when you click on the link, you get a ' Creating a new account is currently not possible' message. Sooo, are they recruiting or .........
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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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