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Default Squadron Directory

Please use this thread to announce your squadron. Each squadron will be limited to a single post. Include any essential information you feel a new forum user looking to join a squad should know, but try to make your post as consise as possible. The idea is to enable new forum users to quickly browse this thread to get an idea of what's available. You may also include a squadron banner if you like, but please keep the image size down. Be sure to include the squad website/forum/contact info.

Thank you!
- EB

Nothing is easy. Everything takes much longer.
The Parable of Jane's A-10
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Arrow 51 PVO Regiment

51 PVO Regiment

10 years old and still going strong!

Our squadron is a fictional representation of former Soviet Union PVO Regiment. Our main role is to promote aviation and hardcore online competition. In real life all pilots are aviation enthusiast from all over the world. We like to keep it as disciplined and realistic as we can.

In the virtual environment, Krymsk Air Base is designated as our main airbase of operations. 51 PVO routinely provides air defense and air superiority over Russian part of Caucasus region. Operating mainly Su-27 type fighter aircraft to fulfill its role and mission.

Please visit us for more information! S!

Website: http://51bisons.com/
Forums: http://51bisons.com/forums/
Discord: https://discord.gg/vgCDDVX

51st TS

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Default Croatian LO and DCS support

Croatian LOMAC, LOFC, LOFC2, DCS, and Il-2 support
Providing general technical support in Croatian, place to get together and organize flights.

Web: http://lockonhr.com/
Forum: http://lockonhr.com/forum/index.php

Home of =CRO= 1st Croatian Virtual Fighter Squadron "Lynx"

Latest addition to our field of work is DCS Localization section where several language teams are making excellent progress with localization of DCS content. See also: DCS localization effort
I'm selling MiG-21 activation key.
Also selling Suncom F-15E Talon HOTAS with MIDI connectors, several sets.
Contact via PM.

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"Like a Ghost on the Wind, we came from the Sea......
......and Tremble our foes like a Storm on the Lee"

Operational Headquarters situated at Sochi-Adler Air Force base, the 159th currently consists of five Wings:

Fighter Wing operating the Sukhoi Cy-33 Flanker and Cy-27 Flanker is tasked to provide CAP top cover & force protection to attached assets during 159th operations and to maintain an Anti Ship capability and its Aircraft Carrier Operations currencies. Additional roles include Fighter Sweep, Interception and limited Deep Strike missions.

Supported by Fighter Wing is Strike Wing, operating the Cy-25T and Cy-25, who’s mission parameters are to provide a precision attack capability, by both day & night, SEAD support and Runway denial sorties in 159th operations.

Crucial to the 159th Combat Operations is the Attack Wing, operating the Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark, the Mil Mi-8 Hip and A-10C Warthog, which Wing's role includes but is not limited to Combat Search And Rescue operations, Ground Attack, RECON, AFAC, SEAD, VIP/HVT Escort and Close-Air-Support Operations.

Integral to 159th operations is the Tactical Air Wing operating the Mig-21Bis and Miyokan Mig-29S, tasked primarily with Enemy Bomber Interception, Precision strikes, Anti-Ship and Light Ground Attack/CAS missions.

Supplementing the 159th's 4 Operational Wings is the Auxiliary Wing, home to our A-50 AWACS, IL-76M Tankers and Fleet of retired P-51 Mustangs utilized for Ceremonial purposes and the occasional COIN/RECON operations as and when operational circumstances dictate.

The 217th MRB forms part of the 159th Auxiliary Wing and is tasked with providing Real-time, Human Command And Control of all elements of the 159th Ground Forces during all 159th Operational activities and where necessary, performing said roles for the OPFOR coalition to provide real-time and strategic ground-force opposition. Current operational equipment of the 217th MRB consists of a Tank Battalion, 3 Motor Rifle Battalions, 2 SPG Battalions, a MLRS Battalion and 2 Air Defence Battalions with attendant 217th HQ/C2, Combat Support and Combat Service Support elements.

217th Wolverines, 'Nemo Me Impune Lacessit'

When not being used for private squad activities, the 159th run a dedicated server for public use on a 100MBit/100MBit line, also providing a Teamspeak server, which again is available for public use outside of squad activities.

Formal Squad Flights are scheduled for Thursdays and Sundays 20h00GMT and Wednesdays 20h00CST catering for our North American members.

The 159th, fondly known as the Pirates of the Crimean, prides itself on relaxed, friendly atmosphere and good sense of humour. The banter can be merciless at times but we have a good laugh at ourselves. This relaxed attitude is backed up by the desire to fly in a professional manner and Operational Flights are drafted with the knowledge of actively serving members of the Armed Forces who are also members of the 159th to ensure maximum conformance to Operational Combat reality/environment within the inherent constraints of the simulation.

Do not hesitate to drop by the Sukhoi Arms for a Pint and a friendly Chat


Dedicated Server:

Password: jacksparrow

Novice or Veteran looking for an alternative MP career?
Click me to commence your Journey of Pillage and Plunder!

'....And when I get to Heaven, to St Peter I will tell....
One more Soldier reporting Sir, I've served my time in Hell......'
'We came from the Sea..........And Tremble our Foes like a Storm on the Lee'

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Then Join VVS 504th Red Hammers today
and become an l33t member of our 487th Ka-50 Helicopter Regiment!

This message has been brought to you by
Major Breadfan Breadfanovich Breadfanovsky
504th Division Recruitement Officer


Commanding Officer of:
2nd Company 1st financial guard battalion "Mrcine"
See our squads here and our promo video.
Croatian radio chat for DCS World

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The Virtual Fighter Bomber Wing 32 is a German-speaking community of aviation enthusiasts that virtually simulates military airmanship and which is organized roughly like the original German Air Force FBW 32 in Lechfeld Airbase (ETSL).
Our goal is a simulation of military aviation as real as possible, based on the software "DCS: Black Shark" and "DCS: A-10C" by Eagle Dynamics. We thrive for good comradeship amongst our members, online as well as in real life. Equally important to us are great contacts to and knowledge exchange with other online squadrons worldwide. All our members constructively contribute to virtual wing life. Their accomplishments are being acknowledged, respected and honored. Our vision is to belong to the best online squadrons in the world and to enjoy an outstanding reputation as fair, team-oriented and competent simulation pilots.

We are currently recruiting pilots for DCS: Black Shark and DCS: A-10C.

With the ongoing start-up of our attack helicopter squadron, we extend our established services, administration and infrastructure to the Black Shark community. Our fixed-wing squadrons are currently transitioning to the A-10C. New beginnings always make for a wide range of opportunities, so if you want to be creative and help building, besides becoming one of the meanest sticks in the shadows of the valley of death,

Join us now!

see contact info below

German text:

Das Virtuelle Jagdbombergeschwader 32 ist eine deutschsprachige Vereinigung von Luftfahrt-Enthusiasten, die die virtuelle Kampffliegerei simuliert und in Anlehnung an das reale Jagdbombergeschwader 32 in Lechfeld organisiert ist.
Unser Ziel ist eine moeglichst realitaetsnahe Simulation der Militaerfliegerei auf der Basis der Software "DCS: Black Shark" und "DCS: A-10C" von Eagle Dynamics, sowie die Pflege der Kameradschaft unter unseren Mitgliedern, sowohl online als auch im richtigen Leben. Ebenso wichtig ist uns die Kontaktpflege zu und der Wissenaustausch mit anderen Online-Geschwadern weltweit. Alle unsere Mitglieder tragen in konstruktiver Weise zum virtuellen Geschwaderleben bei. Ihre Leistungen werden dabei anerkannt, geschaetzt und honoriert. Unsere Vision ist es, zu den besten Online-Geschwadern weltweit zu zaehlen und eine augezeichnete Reputation als faire, kameradschaftliche und kompetente Simulations-Piloten zu geniessen.

Wir stellen derzeit Piloten fuer DCS: A-10C und DCS: Black Shark ein.

Mit der fortschreitenden Aufstellung unserer Kampfhubschrauber-Staffel stellen wir unsere bewaehrten Dienstleistungen, Verwaltung und Infrastruktur nun auch der Black-Shark-Gemeinde zur Verfuegung. Unsere Jagdbomberstaffeln stellen den Flugbetrieb aktuell auf die A-10C um. Derartige Neubeginne bieten immer ein breites Spektrum von Moeglichkeiten; wer also bei uns kreativ taetig werden und beim Aufbau helfen will, der findet bei uns das Ganze "Mehr als einfach nur Fliegen", das die Online-Simulation in einem Geschwader ausmacht.




"For aviators like us, the sky is not the limit - it's our home!"

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We at Global Naval Strike Force play a few sims trying to cover aspects of modern warfare whilst striving for realism in a structured environment. We play Falcon 4: Allied Force, Ghost Recon, Dangerous Waters [and 688(I) Hunter/Killer for anyone that wants the occasional retro-style dive].

As soon as we spotted DCS: Black Shark, we were certain that we should add this game to our collection in order to cover the area of helicopter warfare. After a lot of work on creating a proper reporting system, a set of rules and a map pack, we now officially support DCS: Black Shark and would be very glad to see you join our big family.
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All of us here at RWCG "Real World Conflict Gaming" invite you to be our guest. We run a number of military combat simulations. Such as LOMAC, Falcon 4.0, IL2, Pacific Fighters, Dangerous waters, and now DCS! We run a 24/7 Ventrilo server.

All servers are donated and maintained by our members. Right now we host more titles than we have servers for so some servers rotate what is being hosted. New servers are to be added very soon to accomodate our eventual 24/7 DCS server!! Our 24/7 LOMAC server is still running strong! Please visit our site http://realworldconflictgaming.com

RWCG itself is still very new and the website may reflect this. We decided to bring all of these great simulations and our servers under one banner.. United we stand divided we fall right? We have a relaxed and laid back group of people and even offer training and help to new users for all titles! Come on in.. register on the site and from there join us in game and in Vent

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Still recruiting


We are a multi-gaming squadron that currently has several members, primarily in North America, flying Falcon: BMS, IL-2, and occasional Rise of Flight sortie. With our previous experience in ArmA2 we are also starting to get our feet wet in ArmA3.

Check us out at: The War Hawks We are currently recruiting any and all adults that are looking for a drama free on-line experience, regardless of your flight sim experience.

Recruiting Video Here

Whether a seasoned veteran of flight sims or someone who is just getting started in online simming, the friendly atmosphere and helpful members of the War Hawks has a place for you. Take a look at the website, particularly the About Us page and see if what we have to offer is what you're looking for, then head over to the Recruitment page and fill out an application.

The War Hawks

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Default Seawolves

Seawolves also has a flying squadron. we are using Blackshark, Allied Forces, and Lockon.


We also have virtual wars with other squadrons. Most of these are Coop missions. some head to head action.
Seawolves is the oldest online sim group. They started out playing 688 Submarine games and expanded into other sims.

Fireball VFA35
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689th tactical group, comunity, roster, squadron, training

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