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Originally Posted by Caliboy42 View Post
Please keep an eye on our newsletters and patch notes.

We are planning an update this week for open beta, if all goes well we will publish patch notes with any changes made.

Community Manager Eagle Dynamics

Posted 3 hours ago in another thread...
So, I take from that its not today?

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Originally Posted by Flamin_Squirrel View Post
That thread is still 25 pages long, covering everything DCS newsworthy. There is no specific update thread in this (sub)forum.

I'm not sure why you're so intent on disagreeing with me; the very presence of threads like this indicate there's a comms issue.
Sorry, if it is too inconvenient to jump to the last post in the "News thread" once a week, it can't be helped... most of the official news are posted in the "Official Updates" subforum and not buried in some "we need more news, because we are to lazy reading the news" thread.
Alternative is the "Supercarrier Discussion" thread, as usually someone posts a link to new videos, news, interviews there... but you still need to go through the thread.

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Begin rant

These threads are absolutely hysterical. All I can do is laugh, because there's no other option at this point. You little whiners do understand that ED is a VERY SMALL COMPANY that fills a very specific niche game with employees from literally all over the world. They're not a multi-million dollar AAA title company with a massive central building in the middle of NYC. Because of these facts, the basic rule of economics very much applies to ED: Resources are scarce, both human and otherwise.

What we have in this sim, especially over the last 5 years, is absolutely 100% INCREDIBLE. The unappreciative whiners have to be kids who don't understand what gaming was like not all that long ago. I can't imagine the whiners and complainers have real jobs outside of basic retail/food. There's no way a fully functional adult in the real world can possibly think ED doesn't do a good job of communicating, right?

On that note, ED does a phenomenal job communicating. I think the people who think otherwise are complaining because ED isn't communicating what they want to hear. They'll tell us when there's an update on the supercarrier. Just wait, be patient, live your life instead of sweating in your computer chair waiting for ED to announce they're still working on the supercarrier.

Last, THANK YOU ED FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. I am so sorry that sweaty incels complain the way they do. It's amazing that you can download the game for free, and pay a VERY reasonable price for modules. The fact that we can land f18s and f14s on carriers with a very high degree of realism both in terms of physics and graphics is mind-blowing. /rant
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WK spotted, I doubt you’ll get a discount for that.
I do not see anything hysterical here (please take your dictionary), as the OP I can tell you that I am no psychotic by asking more news about a DLC that should be released soon.
There is a dedicated section and, again, I do not see anything illegitimate by expecting some news being posted here.
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We appreciate the feedback, but this thread has deteriorated into name calling so I will be closing.

Please see the latest updated news here

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