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I dont think so. Its unique enough to turn a lot of heads and create interest that way. Also such novelties already exist in DCS with even smaller production numbers
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Could you even get flight data from a Do335? sounds?

Same problem with an Uhu, unfortunately - night fighter duels between a NF Mossie & a 219 would have been fun, but we're going to struggle to even get a Ju88.
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Bf 109 K-4 with elevator trim tabs!!!
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Already a popular choice, I will also nominate the P-38. Used by multiple air forces in multiple theatres for many different roles. It would be a very versatile addition to DCS.

A personal favourite would also be a BoB Hurricane.
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reposting https://www.strawpoll.me/18808981
btw p-38 and typhoon/tempest 1st place so far
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