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Default waypoint path marker memmory leak

having several groups 20+ will cause clients f10 map to drop in fps/performance significantly. clients also are unable to hide the path markers of ground units.

to reproduce: in tact commander role. set 20+ groups waypoints on the f10map. In client hop in tactical commander and view the f10 map.
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20+ groups and waypoints would generate a huge amount of CPU work to calculate all the routes as well as check every second who can see what, where and how and calculate all the actions involved, no wonder your FPS crashes.

Try with less groups, less waypoints and less units?

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@Skarp, better provide mission, track, logs and number of players on server.

@Looney, come on, 20 is not so much...it is only 5 groups per player on server with 4 players. ;-)
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