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has anyone used arduino and weighted motors to implement vibration feedback in their pit. is it possible or is the only way through buying a premade cushion.
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You just need a relay and you can run a lot of things with an Arduino.

A seat with tactile feedback is a must-have item. Get one of those -and- add vibrations wherever you think you want them. I like every surface I touch in the pit to be vibrating in some way. Bass shaker's can also help.
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Hey! I'm having trouble trying to run "connect serial port". it just runs and closes when double clicked. A couple of weeks ago was running ok!

Any advice?

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Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
Hi Mole,

Have you tried to load the sketch unto another board. It could be that the Arduino is failing. Just guessing here.

Thanks Hans,
On holiday until Tuesday so will check when I get back.

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I'm trying to wire up a couple of rotary encoders to control the Comm1 and Comm2 knobs on the F/A-18 (and AV8BNA) UFC.

The ones I have in my bits drawer were a couple of KY-040 encoders but these appear to be triggering the channel change 4 times per detent (is the code actually firing with each of the individual changes per encoder pulse ?)

Has anyone encountered and solved this problem ? Or am I better off ditching these encoders and getting something better - which case what part suggestions do people have ?


EDIT -- Forget all about that, I just found the stepsPerDetent_ parameter in Encoders.h and the fact it defaults to 1. Sorry about that.

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Can anyone tell me if the state of the CAP buttons in the RIO pit of the F14B are exported? They can be illuminated with a green arrow, and I don't see an obvious function in DCS-BIOS that captures this state. The LED function just fires when the button is pressed, and the button LED states are not necessarily related to the button being pressed.

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Its integraded look under "Warning, Caution and IndicatorLights"

"RIO CAP ....."
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Fantastic, thank you.
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